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The Synergy of Robotics and OT in the Renewable Energy Sector

The renewable energy sector is undergoing a transformative shift, thanks to the integration of Operational Technology (OT) and robotics. This synergy is not only enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of energy systems but also paving the way for a more resilient and customer-centric future. Operational Technology: The Backbone of Energy Systems Operational Technology refers to […]

Cybersecurity and SOC Implementations in Healthcare

Healthcare organizations are increasingly reliant on technology, which brings with it a host of cybersecurity challenges as of recent events. The implementation of Security Operations Centers (SOCs) is a strategic response to these challenges, providing a centralized function for continuous monitoring, detection, and response to cyber threats. This blog delves into the intricacies of cybersecurity […]

Transforming Banking with Professional IT Services

Banking and financial services are experiencing the amalgamation of technology and finance. As they grapple with digital transformation, the adoption of professional IT services emerges as a pivotal strategy. It enables your business to bolster security, streamline operations, and drive innovation. However, what are the benefits, challenges, and opportunities associated with managed IT services in […]

Digital Transformation in Travel and Tourism

The metaverse, once synonymous with leisure, is now an influential force reshaping industries. This blog delves into the synergy of the industrial metaverse and travel technology, uncovering a future where personalized and connected experiences redefine travel. Constructing the Industrial Metaverse The industrial metaverse has evolved from a distant concept into a tangible reality, driven by […]

Future of Cybersecurity: A Comprehensive Analysis (2023-2031)

In the ever-shifting terrain of cybersecurity, foresight is paramount. As we approach the mid-2020s, key industry players such as CyberArk, Gartner, and Cybercrime Magazine provide significant insights into the upcoming cybersecurity landscape. This analysis delves into their predictions and statistics, offering a nuanced perspective on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. CyberArk’s Projections of […]

Strengthening the Digital Fort: Cybersecurity Solutions in Qatar

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, the market in Qatar is no exception to the digital revolution. With businesses, governments, and individuals relying heavily on digital technologies, the region faces a growing array of cybersecurity challenges. As the stakes of data breaches, ransomware attacks, Business Email Compromise (BEC), GeoIP attacks,  Zero-day attacks, SQL Injections, Local […]

Unleashing the Storm: AI-Driven Cyber Attacks in the Energy Sector

The rapid advancement of technology has brought about incredible opportunities for progress, but it has also ushered in new challenges. One of the challenges is the rise of AI-driven cyber attacks, especially threatening critical industries like the energy sector. As the world relies more on digital infrastructure, the potential consequences of such attacks on energy […]

Empowering the Middle Eastern Energy Sector with IoT Solutions

The Middle East is indeed undergoing a significant transformation in its energy sector. The region, once primarily known for its vast oil reserves, is now actively diversifying its energy sources and embracing renewable technologies. This shift is part of a global trend towards sustainability and efficiency in energy production and consumption. The integration of Managed IoT […]

Revamping the Cybersecurity Systems in the Energy and Utility Sector

As the energy and utility sector evolves, it becomes increasingly exposed to cyber threats. The surge in cyberattacks targeting energy infrastructure is alarming and correlates with the sector’s push towards a future-oriented energy framework. This push demands a resilient infrastructure capable of withstanding such threats. The industry’s swift move towards decarbonization, digitalization, automation, and renewable […]

Renewable energy trends in 2023

In 2023 the clear goal is to obtain a rapid transition into clean energy and enable new developments towards it. The biggest goals are reducing emissions, lowering energy costs and being more eco-friendly in general. To ensure more success towards those goals, companies started to invest in Artificial Intelligence, Big data, and the Internet of […]

Impact of digitalisation in the energy systems

What is the Digitalisation of Energy Systems? The digitalisation of energy transforms energy systems and solutions to a more renewable source and storage of energy. To provide a more flexible way for consumers to use less energy to perform various activities. Digitalisation is now moving towards its generation and distribution. What is the role of […]

Smart Waste Management

Rapid urbanization and population increase have led to huge global waste which is expected to exceed over 4 billion tons. Lately, companies and various businesses are investing more of their time and resources towards Smart Waste Management. Now, we have to clearly explain what Smart Waste Management is. What are the benefits of your company […]

Green Technology as a Megatrend

A Guide to Promoting Sustainability in 2023 and Beyond Green technology has emerged as a megatrend that is gaining momentum across the globe. It refers to the development and use of technology that is environmentally friendly and promotes sustainability. As the world becomes more aware of the need to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate the […]

ChatGPT and What It Means For AI Mass Usage

AI has always been like a conspiracy theory to the large masses, most people use it in day-to-day tasks but have no idea how big its implementation in the business world is. The viral news regarding AI is ChatGPT lately. This chatbot tool responds instantly to your questions using Artificial Intelligence. Although the chatbot is […]

5 Must-Have Technologies for All Businesses

In today’s digital age, technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. From smartphones to laptops, we are surrounded by technology tools that make our lives easier and more efficient. This is especially true for businesses, where technology can simplify processes, save time, and increase revenue. In this blog post, we will explore […]

The Power of Automation and AI

The fast-paced business world is driving companies to look for ways to maintain a human touch while leveraging the power of AI and automation technologies. Integrating AI systems into businesses can provide the effectiveness and quickness needed to succeed in today’s environment. While some people may still be sceptical about AI, it has proven to […]

E-commerce as a reshaper for Customer Experience

E-commerce has revolutionized the way customers shop, and as a result, the customer experience has become more important than ever. With over 73% of customers requiring a good purchasing experience to finalize their purchase, it’s crucial to ensure that your e-commerce business stands out from the competition. In this blog, we’ll explore what e-commerce customer […]

Organising sustainable events

Sustainable events are no longer just about the environment. Of course, they significantly reduce CO2 emissions but now  they also represent the same opportunities for everyone, bringing communities together and supporting local economies.   The purpose of sustainable events is to create something that will be a good legacy for the future of the world. […]

Trends for 2023

  As the business world is progressing very fast, companies must be able to adapt to these fast changes. Changes are happening because of fast technological shifts, economic changes, current war in Russia and Ukraine and the Covid 19 pandemic we have just surpassed. Because the business world and the economy always undergo certain challenges, […]

Landing page tutorial

There are numerous blogs, webinars and videos on how to construct and create the best landing page for your business. It is a common fact, that to have a great and established online presence businesses need to have a good landing page and website. Why is the landing page essential for business success and online marketing? […]

Creative ideas for digital businesses

Some businesses and industries have more creative ideas available to take advantage of and others not so much. Remote jobs gave us a lot of flexibility and they have opened a lot of doors in future business endeavours. Companies are slowly shifting away from traditional business models. This development also provides a good opportunity to […]

Customer Service updates for your business

The most important part of elevating your customer service is providing personalized customer care. Meaning, every customer should feel equally taken care of and appreciated. So, the mentioned strategy incentivizes one on one conversations and avoiding instant messaging and emails for customer care inquiries. As we are all aware the Covid 19 pandemic has sparked the […]

Mobile App Development Reinvention

In today’s world, mobile app development is becoming more and more popular. But with so many apps being developed, it can be tough to stand out from the crowd. If you want to improve your app development skills without looking like an amateur, here are the ways you can do it.

Company Culture Transfers Employee Efficiency

Company culture refers back to the beliefs and behaviors that decide how an agency’s employees control, engage, and cope with doors’ of business transactions. Often, company culture is implied, no longer expressly defined, and develops organically through the years from the cumulative traits of the humans the organization hires.

Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence

Human-centered AI is based on human input and collaboration. It focuses on algorithms that are part of a larger, human-based system. The definition of human-centered AI is systems that continuously improve due to human input, while still providing a seamless experience between robot and human.

How APIs Help Cross-Industry Businesses

A new imperative is facing businesses: ensuring agility in their organizations so that they are ready for the future. Digital engagement is a key component of how we interact with customers and conduct business.

The Evolution and Impact of Digital Marketing

Every working professional should be familiar with the basic principles of digital marketing in a world that has over 170 million users. Digital Marketing, in its simplest form, is the promotion of products via the internet or other electronic media.

Love seeking with AI

This generation is considered to be extremely lucky, as it has been at the forefront of the massive changes in the world that have been brought about by the technological revolution

12 Actionable Aviation Tips That Work Like a PRO

What is it that makes airline pilots so easy to work with and gives them a cool air? It could be the clean, crisp uniforms, the greased landing, or that soothing West Texas voice.

Little Known Ways to High Quality Traffic

Website traffic is the number of web users visiting a website. Website traffic can be measured in visitors. Sometimes called “sessions”, it is a common method to gauge the effectiveness of an online business at attracting a target audience.

How Cybersecurity Is Going To Change Your Business Strategies

Cybersecurity Strategies are high-level plans for how your company will protect its assets. Your strategy will need to be updated as technology and cyber threats change rapidly.

7 Benefits Of Web Development

Nearly everyone in today’s digital age is connected to the World Wide Web at least once to fulfill their entertainment, education, research, and consumer needs. Businesses of all sizes have started to create websites in response to the increasing popularity of the Internet.

7 Tools You Need To Learn For Website Development.

Web development tools has come a long way in just a few years. This progress has allowed us to harness the power and flexibility of well-tested libraries to enhance our workflows and offer greater opportunities for responsive design.

Top 5 Security Risks Of Cloud

Many companies are moving their workloads to the cloud to improve efficiency and reduce workloads. Cloud computing can be a competitive advantage for organizations, but it is important to understand the risks and not rush to adopt cloud computing.

10 Myths About DevOps: Busted

DevOps, a new methodology that would disrupt the IT development industry, was introduced in 2007 and 2008. 

Improve your Organization with IT Assessment

Senior executives are often unable to understand the reasons their Information Technology (IT), organizations fail to deliver. They are continually surprised by cost increases and schedule slippages.

5 Compelling Reason Why Need Industrial Security Consulting

Your firm might not have the resources, expertise or time to respond to increasing cybersecurity threats. It can lead to significant gaps in your long-term security plan if you don’t have a solid defense-in-depth strategy.

Five Easy Ways To Facilitate Internet Of Things.

Although the Internet of Things (IoT), may sound futuristic like self-starting cars and talking refrigerators, it will also impact our daily lives.

7 Factors That Affect Website Development’s Longevity

A web design company as well as a creative agency, and a software company walk into the office of a client. The client asks “How often should we redesign our website?”

This Year Will Be The Year of Cybersecurity

2021 was a devastation year in cybersecurity. With the rise of digital technology, and individuals lived their lives online, threats actors were prepared to profit from the transitional period, and systematically attacking everything from critical infrastructure for health to medium and small-sized enterprises.

This Is Why You Face Obstacles In Learning Computer Networks

In this day and time of Internet where everyone is obsessed on their smartphones and computers, it’s impossible to imagine about any task without networking.

Quiz: How Much Do You Know about Virtual Webcast?

Online Events are a vast business. They range from traditional webinars that you have come to love up to the multi-session events that are virtual.

5 Skills of Successful Software Developers

Hello, if you’ve been working on software development for a while and are thinking about what qualities make a great programmer? What skills should a programmer acquire in 2022 in order to become more proficient in their development? 

Does Remote Work Affect Payscale?

Remote work gives increased flexibility and autonomy for employees, as well as increased worker productiveness and cost financial savings for employers. However, before venturing into the sector of obscure work, agencies must test their contemporary workplace way of life, team sizes, and business desires.

What to Review When Comparing Universities Online

From online seminars and lectures to online examinations and in some cases even graduation ceremonies online; many aspects of the university experience are shifting to online learning in the aftermath of the coronavirus epidemic.

Career That Highly Demand In The Future

A career that is successful in any field requires an encapsulation of the ability to heal as well as a steady interest demand. If one of the elements is not present then the result could be referred to as a process or an interest.

Are Certification Programmes Worth Your Skills?

Expert certificate programs are a series of courses designed by using industry leaders and pinnacle universities to construct and decorate critical expert talents needed to reach today’s most in-demand fields

10 Personality Development Tips

Want to get hired in the best industries? Want to be known in your workplace as the best employee. Well, here we are to help you out with not only your development but more precisely your personality development.

Do Companies Prefer Online Degrees?

Are you sure that a degree earned online will allow you to get your dream job or is it better going to brick-and-mortar universities? This is a legitimate question

11 Tips to Crack An Interview

An interview is a formal discussion in which one person is at the center of questions. The distinction provides answers similar to the manner of speaking “talk with” is a reference to a one-on one dialogue between a participant and interviewee.

5 Network Tricks To Save Hours Of Time

In light of the fact how one of the National Security Agencies’ (NSA) principal responsibilities involves conducting electronic spying It stands to reason that it has a clue or two about security on networks

4 Tips to Help You Learn How to Secure Cloud Data

Nowadays, companies across the globe are relying on cloud-based platforms to perform a range of critical workflows. They store their CRM information on the cloud.

The 7 Skill Traits of Successful Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is rated as the most sought-after technical ability, along with the use of artificial intelligence as well as big data according to LinkedIn. As technology evolves and the need for cloud computing expert is rising quickly.

6 Website Development Myth Debunked

Web development is highly sought-after because every business must be online. But many customers misunderstand this area. It is hard to get a positive outcome if your ideas about something don’t match the reality.

Top Stories About Resource Augmentation

It is essential for businesses to be able to respond to the high-tech needs of their customers in the 21st Century. You must keep up with technological advances to be competitive.

The Anatomy of Great Software Development

Software Development are essential for smooth operations between different industries. Software Development offer a variety of features-rich apps, including work optimization, performance tracking, and employer monitoring. 

Detecting Malicious URLs and Preventing Attacks

Many cyber-attacks, including spamming and phishing, have been carried out using malicious URLs. These attacks can be stopped by identifying malicious URLs and detecting them

Event Webcast: The Answer To Everything

A webcast is an internet-based broadcast that you can send to your event or meeting via the internet. Webcast, unlike the webinar, is more flexible than the webinar in that one host can broadcast their presentation anywhere they want to.

Top Trending Website Development Technologies used in 2022

Are you ready to innovate with your web application by 2022? We’ve done extensive research on the industry to help you become a pioneer in your field

How to Make Sure Cyber Criminals Can’t Read Your Company’s Data

It might seem that hackers stealing financial information is the only cybercrime you need to be concerned about. It may not be as simple as that. There are many more issues than financial. Cybercrime is constantly evolving, and new threats are emerging every year.

The Most Pervasive Problem Kin Network Services

The modern technology and increased use of hosted services have brought about major changes in network and application infrastructures. These changes have given users more functionality than ever, but they have also increased our dependency on a functioning network to ensure that these critical applications are maintained.

10 Up and Coming Trend About Network Technology

Networking technologies has advanced significantly in the past few years as demands for Ethernet as well as Wi FI have dramatically increased.

10 Embarrassing Cybersecurity Faux Pas You Better Not Make

It is now more essential than ever to ensure you are using the internet in a safe manner to protect yourself as well as your employers from cyberattacks.

What You Should Know About Website Migration?

The term “site migration” is broad term employed by SEO experts to describe any situation in which a site undergoes major changes in its surroundings which can have a significant impact on the visibility of a website on search engines usually, the changes are to the location of the website or platform, structure and content, as well as design or UX.

Ask Me Anything- 10 answer To Your Question About Networking

Computer networking is the term used to describe connected computing devices that communicate and share data with one another. Networked devices rely on rules, known as communications protocols, to send information using wireless or physical technology.

7 Signs You Are With Right Software

Software for business should not be viewed as a support system. It should be viewed as a way to think that creates a competitive advantage, and has significant implications for your organization’s operations.

5 Tools Everyone In The DevOps Industry Should Be Using

The DevOps Drives IT departments are encouraged to collaborate with developers, sysadmins and testers through DevOps. It improves defect detection and delivery, as well as deployment rates. 

The Rank Of Webcast In Consumer’s Market

With the rapid growth of Internet technology and the increasing popularity of smart devices, inter-personal interaction has become more common. In contrast the live streaming via the internet has gained popularity from a large number of people since its inception because of its quality as well as its interaction and authenticity

What You Should Know About Website Migration

The term “website migration” is used to refer to any major changes to a site’s structure that could influence SEO, like modifications to the domain name URLs, URLs, hosting the platform or design.

Things to Know Before Submitting an App to the App Store

The App Store is updated daily with more than 1000 new apps. Before an app reaches its intended audience, it must go through a careful process of submission and review.

App submission is often a last-minute decision. It is important to submit your app to the App Store correctly.

Protect your company against cyber-threats in 2021

Cybersecurity is a major problem for small to medium-sized enterprises. The threat of cyber security has increased in 2021 due to the outbreak of the Pandemic and the resulting ‘Work from Home reality has impacted the entire world over. 

The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need for Hybrid Events

Hybrid Events are Hybrid Event is a conference or seminar, or trade show which provides an online and in-person setting for attendees and speakers to visit, discover and interact with.

10 Things You Should Know About DevOps

DevOps is the blend of development teams and Operation teams to build a company using traditional practices of software development. DevOps is gaining acceptance rapidly.

The Ultimate Revelation Of Webcast

webcasting which dates back to the mid-1990s, is a growing application of online technologies that benefits both businesses and consumers

How to offer IT Services in 6 simple steps

Your company may be flourishing however when your IT infrastructure is insecure It’s only an issue of time until something happens to go wrong. The most critical equipment may fail or a security breach could disrupt your entire business and cost you thousands of dollars or even more.

Why DevOps for AWS Cloud Infrastructure

DevOps refers to a combination of engineering, cultural and pattern practices, tools, and techniques. This will increase the organization’s ability to deliver high-quality applications and services.

5 Ways To Engage Attendees At Virtual Events

Virtual events and virtual meetings offer attendees more chances to “zone in” than traditional meetings and events

How To Setup GA4

Google Analytics 4 (aka GA4) is the latest version of Google Analytics, which was released in October 2020. Unlike the previous Universal Analytics properties, the new GA4 can be used for a website, an app, or both.

What’s New With Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics is used by millions of organisations, large and small, to better understand customer preferences and develop better experiences for them.

How to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts Google Customer Reviews

Google reviews have the power to make or break a company. Unfortunately, some people leave bad or fake/false Google reviews. But what can you do about it, if anything?

Why is Mobile App Development Important for Your Company?

The times have undoubtedly changed. Mobile applications were once only connected with huge enterprises and businesses. But that element of the storey is no longer relevant.

8 Common Types of Computer Viruses

Once a virus has successfully attached itself to software, file, or document, it will remain dormant until the computer or device is forced to run its code. To get a virus to infect your computer, you must first run the infected programme, which then executes the virus code.

Using VPN Protection Online: A Beginner’s Guide

You’ve probably heard of a virtual private network before, at least in passing. As the epidemic spreads, the growing threat of cyber-attacks has increased the adoption of virtual private networks (VPNs) around the world to ensure the security of businesses and individuals.

Understanding Computer Viruses

Once a virus has successfully attached itself to software, file, or document, it will remain dormant until the computer or device is forced to run its code. To get a virus to infect your computer, you must first run the infected programme, which then executes the virus code.

Gap in Cybersecurity skills

Recent data breaches, ranging from the Pegasus malware intrusion to the WannaCry and NotPeyta outbreaks, have highlighted the importance of a strong cybersecurity plan for all businesses, large and small.

What are the six phases of a cybersecurity incident response plan?

What is a cyber security incident response plan? The 6 phases of the incident response plan will teach you how to handle a data breach. An incident response plan is a written, documented plan with six separate steps that assist IT, professionals and staff, in recognising and responding to a cybersecurity issue such as a data breach or cyber assault.

Five Advantages To Invest in Cybersecurity and IT solutions

In 2019, global enterprises spent around $124 billion on security solutions, a 146 per cent increase from 2010. Despite such significant spending, nine out of ten large worldwide firms have admitted to experiencing a security incident in 2019.

The Impact of the 2020 Pandemic on Cybersecurity

The pandemic of 2020, as well as the resulting economic turbulence and social problems, has cleared the way for much-needed global digital transformation and the prioritisation of digital strategy

The Growing Importance of Cybersecurity

For several years, cybersecurity has been a source of global worry. Each year, organisations put more effort into protecting their data. According to Gartner, worldwide security spending would reach $133.7 billion in 2022, which is in keeping with the trend

Tips for Remote Workers on Cybersecurity

Working from home has become considerably more common in the aftermath of the pandemic. Even after the pandemic has passed, many experts believe that remote working will continue to be popular in a variety of industries.

Which OS is better for you: Mac or Windows?

When deciding between a windows PC and a Mac, it’s the distinctions that matter the most. Make a list of the characteristics that are most important to you in your new device.In the interest of full transparency, I am primarily a Windows user, as are more than 80% of desktop and laptop users.

What is Cybersecurity? Everything You Need to Know

The practice of preventing, safeguarding, and defending networks, devices, and electronic systems against hostile threats or cyberattacks is referred to as cybersecurity.

8 Advantages of AI in Cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence is an attempt to mimic human intelligence. It has enormous potential in the field of cybersecurity. Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems can be trained to provide threat warnings, identify new types of malware, and protect critical data for businesses if used correctly.

What is a Botnet Attack and How Does It Work?

A botnet attack is a sort of cyber attack in which a bad actor controls a collection of internet-connected devices. Botnets are nothing more than a collection of connected gadgets.

Mastering Web Development: The Essential Languages for 2021

Knowing how to build a computer programme is the most crucial ability to learn in today’s environment. Computers have now made their way into practically every business.

Beginners’ Guide to SEO Web Development

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of techniques for making a website more visible in search engines like Google and Yahoo.

How to Make a Data Cleaner Extensions for Chrome

Today, pretty much every site gathers a great deal of information on guests. This information is generally used to further develop the client experience

7 Creative Ways to Get Sponsors for an Event

You have to think about how you will fund an event if you are planning on hosting one.

5 Ways To Engage Attendees At Virtual Events

Virtual events and virtual meetings offer attendees more chances to “zone in” than traditional meetings and events. Because they are already connected to the internet, distractions are only a click away

AWS Reinventions

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an Amazon cloud computing platform that offers a variety of services, including infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), platform and software as a Service (PaaS), and packaged software as service (SaaS)

What does it look like to have an event online: pros and cons of going digital

Online events are on the rise ever since we are prohibited to travel and go to work. Interacting and meeting in a virtual way got crucial, whether that is in the setting of a single webinar, one to one meeting, live presentation or all of those together. Virtual Events are the solution to a lot […]

AVIANET adds 2D version to its innovative Virtual Event Platform

14th August 2020 – AVIANET, digital and IT services specialist and subsidiary of AVIAREPS, today announced the release of its new web-based, 2D virtual event solution, expanding on the Virtual Event Platform (VEP) launched last year.

Navigating Through a Pandemic: The Economic and Social Shifts

Around the world, thousands of major events have already been canceled – either out of precaution from the organizers or blanket bans from governments.

AVIANET’s digital event solutions now available on Amazon Web Services Marketplace

Digital and IT services specialist AVIANET has made its digital event solutions, the Virtual Event Platform (VEP) and the Digital Event Companion (DEC), available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace

AVIANET modernizes events with the Digital Event Companion

30 September 2019 – AVIANET, a digital and IT services expert, today unveils the Digital Event Companion. This mobile solution transforms physical events. It makes them more visitor-friendly and green. Digitalization Meets Physical Events: Our world is digitizing rapidly. Yet, physical events still play a key role in business. Organizers strive to make their events […]

AVIANET Introduces Virtual Event Platform – A Leap in Event Management

23 September 2019 – Today, AVIANET, a trailblazer in digital and IT services, proudly announced the launch of its Virtual Event Platform (VEP). This innovative solution transcends industry barriers, utilizing VR and gamification to create interactive, cost-effective online events. Eliminating Distance with Digital Solutions As the global economy tightens, geographical barriers remain a challenge. Nonetheless, the VEP […]

Accenture IIoT Innovation Center Garching and AVIANET are partner now!

The Accenture IIoT Innovation Center in Garching serves as a pivotal hub within the Accenture Group, globally renowned for its expertise in management, consulting, technology, and outsourcing services. It is at the forefront of innovation, driving transformative solutions in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). In tandem, AVIANET emerges as a leading player in the […]

AVIANET is recognized as Top 10 Augmented Reality /Virtual Reality Solution Provider for 2019!

CIO Applications Europe has recognized AVIANET as Top 10 Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality Solutions Provider for 2019 under their annual listing of companies providing AR/ VR solutions to help clients transform their businesses. Read here the full article from CIO Applications magazine.

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