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In the 21st century, businesses need to be able to respond to the high-tech needs of their customers. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep up with technological advances to remain competitive.

To achieve this, you need to build your tech force. By having the right IT resources, you can provide a superior user experience to your customers and increase satisfaction.

Having a team of development experts will help you keep up with the growing online competition. Your team will be able to overcome the challenges posed by changing market trends. So, how can you ensure that your team has the best techies to tackle the daily challenges? Resource Augmentation is the solution.

What is Resource Augmentation?

Resource Augmentation can be a cost-effective and flexible outsourcing strategy. The Resource Augmentation model allows companies to hire tech talent from third parties on a contract basis for a specific project or project.

Resource Augmentation is a way to get the best resources available at the right time for working with start-ups and mid-tier companies. It also allows you to meet all your project goals.

The project’s duration will be shared by the internal staff and the augmented resource. New employees can work remotely from their home or workplace. Resource augmentation allows organizations to get qualified employees quickly without having to go through a lengthy and cumbersome recruitment process. This saves time, money, and effort.

Organizations are also given the freedom to expand or reduce the number of augmented teams as needed. Companies have always struggled to find and retain skilled IT talent.

Although there may be an in-house team capable of handling ongoing client projects effectively, it is possible to have multiple projects coming at once, making it necessary to bring additional workers with you on a long-term or short-term basis. Companies are now seeing industry professionals hire resource augmentation services to meet their urgent project deadlines and needs.

Why Need Resource Enhancement?

  • You want to expand the team to include professionals who are already working on the project.
  • The company is currently working on a technology product/new project and needs new engineers to join the team. They are looking for people with skills that exceed the national standard.

Resource Augmentation Structure

  1. Determine your needs

The number of employees you need. Talk to your manager and agree on a number. Define the ideal candidate specifications. This includes expertise, years of experience and other factors.

  1. Assess and Choose

After reviewing your requirements, initiate the search process. Through interviews and tests, find and evaluate all candidates who are qualified to your specifications.

  1. Assimilation of New Team Members

It’s more than just about hiring. It is important to feel comfortable in your workplace and integrate easily into the culture. Make sure that all new employees are familiar with your company’s values, procedures, and rules.

  1. Continuous Support and Nurture

Continue to provide support for new employees even after the integration phase is over. Additionally, ask for their feedback to build strong relationships.

How can Resource Augmentation help you save 80% on your costs?

Resource Augmentation is a process that uses no:-

  • Payroll costs
  • Infrastructure expenditure
  • Administrative & Legal Costs
  • Software licensing costs

What benefits can I get from IT Resource Augmentation

Your hires don’t need to be paid.

  1. A visa for employment (if they are part of your virtual team).
  2. Relocation allowances
  3. Accommodation allowances
  4. Taxes
  5. Medical benefits
  6. Benefits at the end of your service.

The Advantages of Resource Augmentation

Enhance the Enlistment Process

It is possible to be repetitive in recruitment, especially when you are looking for candidates with unconventional and higher-level abilities. Resource augmentation organizations can reduce the time it takes to enlist. It is possible to shorten this period from months to weeks or even days.

Augmentation specialists have reorganized their databases to include a pool of highly skilled tech talent.

This increases the likelihood of an augmentation company hiring the right candidate quickly. This will help you save a lot of time. Your dedicated team provider will take care of the following:

  • Recruitment
  • Background checks
  • Hiring

These all make it an ideal solution to a tech shortage which will not end soon.

Development Costs Slashed

The greatest and most obvious benefit of hiring remote workers is, in all likelihood, cost savings. As they are less likely to demand higher salaries, it is a smart move to recruit augmented teams from countries with lower living costs.

You also know that in-house hiring will be expensive as it includes employee benefits and extra taxes. Even additional costs such as infrastructure, equipment, taxes, and so forth are lower.

Legal Problems

It is not easy to hire in-house employees. In the Resource Augmentation model, however, the outsourcing company is the employer and handles all regular duties including payroll, taxes, benefits and tax.

Overcome Geological Limitations

Many tech startups face the challenge of finding the right resources locally and at the right cost. Moreover, resource augmentation can be used to help you find the right specialists in your area.

High Flexibility

Resource augmentation is an option for IT companies and start-ups that allows them to add resources quickly if there is an unexpected workload. They are also not tied to employees who will be inactive for months. Furthermore, they can scale up or down as needed.

Steady Authority

Resource Augmentation allows businesses to retain control over their operations. Project outsourcing means that all project management is outsourced. However, businesses can make the final decision, even though they have resource augmentation.

Extension and Reshaping

Many companies want to grow their business, but fear of losing it discourages them from doing so. This is a way to support such companies with staff augmentation. Businesses can now use the flexible hiring model to scale up their businesses on a trial basis, without having to invest in a full-time workforce. Encourage the business to conduct tests in different industries.

Get New Ideas

To be a successful, evolving business, you need to have a steady supply of new ideas. Furthermore, resource augmentation encourages enterprises to collaborate with diverse experts who have new ideas in brewing. Consequently, companies can be open to new ideas and concepts by hiring for specific projects.

Final Words

Resource Augmentation is a great option for any company, and it guarantees flexibility and cost efficiency. CEPTES has a decade of Salesforce Staffing and Outsourcing experience. We provide expert guidance and competent assistance to help you fill the gaps in your company’s staffing needs. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can assist you. Request AVIANET for a sample Resource Augmentation contract to learn more about how we can help you build your dream team

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