Rely on our global coverage

With a strong office network across 58 offices in 43 countries, AVIANET delivers the specialized IT Services and Solutions to Aviation and other key industries.

Our service delivery foot-print across 100 plus countries worldwide makes AVIANET the preferred IT partner for leading global businesses.




Specialized in providing IT Services and Solutions, AVIANET plans, builds, supports and manages our clients’ IT infrastructures in a customized end-to-end approach.

AVIANET offers a comprehensive portfolio of managed IT Services and Solutions including Webcast, Virtual & Augmented Reality, Managed IT Professional Services, Cloud & Infrastructure Hosting Solutions, Managed Network Connectivity Solutions and IT Consulting Services. With a history of more than 15 years, AVIANET is proud to provide the full range of such IT Infrastructure Services to many Airlines and other industries' clients at more than 150 locations across the globe.

Services & Solutions for Demanding Industries

  • Virtual & Augmented Reality

    Today, manufacturing and other industries are trying to improve their competitivenessby combining manufacturing and other business processes per se with information technology. Virtual Reality is being used in training of technical workforce, machine maintenance, product development processes across enterprises as a helpful technology to achieve rapid consolidation of information and decision-making through visualization and experience.


  • Webcast

    Communication with B2B channels, investors, and other market stake holders is the key to success with in any business. AVIANET Audio & Video Webcasting, with both “Live” and “On-Demand” options helps you communicate proactively and provide more information to your audience at anytime and anywhere around the world. 

    With AVIANET Webcast solution, you can broadcast important corporate events, providing stakeholders with valuable insight about your products and services.


  • IT Professional Services

    AVIANET Managed IT Professional Services have helped some of the world's leading Airlines and Enterprises overcome the ever-present challenges associated with managing geographically dispersed locations, teams, technologies and evolving business processes.

    There’s a Good Reason Global Airlines and Leading Enterprises Entrust Their Geographically Dispersed IT Infrastructure Management to AVIANET - Because We Deliver.


  • Managed Security Services

    Nowadays organizations face different security threats - both internally and externally. Those risks can cause geat negative business impact. Thus, better be proactive and identify vulnerabilities and threats before they can harm your organization.

    AVIANET Managed Security Services support you in protecting what is most valuable to you. Be ensured that we will support you with a holistic approach to meet the ever-present threats and challenges that companies like you are faced with.


  • Managed Network Connectivity Solutions

    In today’s business rules, your organization likely work across different geographical locations and time zones. Likewise, your staff expects the same working environment and access levels from anywhere and everywhere. Connecting those globally spread offices and staff, including your customers and suppliers - is a serious business!

    Your business applications and data flow demand a reliable and secure global connectivity that must perform efficiently and consistently. Selecting the right partner to deliver and support your global IP network is the key to lead your global competition.


  • Managed Cloud & Infrastructure Hosting Solutions

    Several Airlines and global business enterprises have successfully improved their IT performance and business continuity by utilizing our Cloud Computing Services, IT Infrastructure Hosting, Data Center Co-Location, and Virtualized Disaster Recovery Solutions, combined with our unrivaled secure, and strategically picked partner facilities, managed IT services, personalized customer support, data protection schemes, and disaster recovery solutions - all customized according to your individual business needs.

    We deliver these services with unparalleled Service Level Agreements. Our goal is to offer you the best possible IT Infrastructure Solution - the solution that exactly fits with your global business needs and budget - now and in future.


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