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Offering all kinds of specialized IT Solutions helps our Aviation and Non-Aviation Clients save on IT Network Operational Costs, Time spending and allows them to refocus on their core business.


Communication with B2B channels, investors, and other market stake holders is the key to success with in any business. AVIANET Webinar service with both “Live Streaming” and “On-Demand” options helps you communicate proactively and provide more information to your audience at anytime and anywhere around the world.

Event Platform

You can organize a full-fledged Virtual Exhibition under our “Virtual Event Platform” platform inviting hundreds of your partners and customers to connect and participate digitally, or organize a “Virtual Road-Show” with limited attendees. If you are organizing a physical event, than our “Digital Event Companion” platform offers you dynamic APP and Landing Webpage for your physical Events and let your staff and customers enjoy the event’s agenda digitally from their mobile phones or PCs.

Digital Services

AVIANET is specialized in Custom Software Development services and Staff Augmentation services across the entire product development life-cycle. We create custom software keeping user experience, security, and reliability at the highest level.


Our service delivery is based on a fully customized end-to-end approach, including design, develop, deploy and maintain technology based digital marketing products. We always remain at the cutting edge of technology. Focusing on Mobile Apps, Web, VR/ AR, AI, IoT, Blockchain, and Cloud platforms, AVIANET build end to end solutions for businesses and for their digital marketing teams.

ICT Services

AVIANET IT Infrastructure, Data Center Co-Location, Virtualization and Cloud Computing Services offer innovative solutions that improve the mobility, flexibility, reliability and security of your IT Services, and at the same time reducing and controlling costs.


Our ICT Services portfolio includes the global provision of high performance Networks, Infrastructure and Application Hosting, Data Center Co-Location Services, Virtualization and Cloud Computing Solutions and IT Support Outsourcing. Businesses from aviation and other leading sectors benefit from the high standards of quality, availability and data security that AVIANET offer.

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