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AVIANET IT Professional Services enable companies to manage and centralize their operations. Even if they have offices, teams, infrastructure and resources scattered worldwide. AVIANET helps numerous organizations navigate various challenges and hurdles they face due to having a diverse business.

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Infrastructure and user support aspects of managed IT service with an IT expert

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services allow businesses to delegate the responsibility of managing IT processes and services to the service provider. With AVIANET, you don’t have to worry about hiring more staff members to maintain and manage your IT infrastructure properly. We have some of the most experienced and competent professionals, they have helped multiple companies reap the benefits of our services.

You can also scale up or down our services as per your needs. Moreover, you will experience a significant amount of cost savings, efficiency and reliability through our Managed IT Services.

Global IT Infrastructure Support Services

AVIANET is one of the leading service providers in the domain of managed IT services. We have a great track record of helping businesses manage their IT processes and services smoothly. We have worked with several multinational and worldwide organizations easily.

Providing IT infrastructure support services across different locations can be quite challenging. However, our extremely experienced and qualified professionals can deal with any challenge that may arise in your day-to-day operations.

All you need to do is get in touch with us and share about your company, as well as your requirements. We will get back to you with a fair and realistic quotation and get things started right away.

Global End User Support Services

The day-to-day operations of a globally diverse company can be demanding. Especially when you are managing a full-fledged IT infrastructure that connects and manages thousands of employees and customers. In such scenario, end-user support services are crucial and the company simply cannot function without them.

Our Global End-User Support Services are designed to assist companies with all kinds of IT issues and disruptions that arise. We eliminate the need to hire a big internal IT team and we ensure that your operations don’t experience downtime. You can also count on us to provide phone and email support, or in-person support sessions.

24×7 Service Desk Centers

Every business owner or manager dreads downtime in essential operations and services, which can lead to damage of profitability. Sometimes, there might be a minor issue with the software that employees are using. On the other hand, sometimes employees might not understand the right way to perform a certain task. Whatever the situation may be, you can rely on our 24×7 Service Desk Center to take care of the problem and address it right away.

Our round-the-clock service desk provides you with all types of support you may need. This way you can ensure the continuity of your operations. Qualified, certified and courteous support technicians are available for your questions and requests. They provide prompt support and assistance, either remote or in-person.

Representation of AVIANET cloud computing with server room and IT professionals

Cloud Professional

The IT industry has become largely standardized and the Internet is a necessity for every company, organization and employee. Moreover, social media and smartphones have led more people into the field of modern and high technology. Cloud computing is one of the most innovative breakthrough technologies that has transformed the IT industry massively. Due to this fact, an increasing number of businesses have and still are shifting to the cloud. The companies stepped back from physical servers. Servers took up a large amount of space, required investments and resources to set up and maintain them.

If you are still running your business in a traditional manner, you are lagging far behind your competition. Plus, you are missing out on highly valuable opportunities to scale your business and leverage new technologies. You can easily move your entire operations to the cloud with AVIANET’s team, who understands your business and what you need for digital transformation.

AVIANET continuity services with all important icons of the process and code in the background

Business & IT Service Continuity

Business continuity is highly crucial for any company to thrive and stay ahead of its competitors. To ensure business continuity, you need to have a solid and well-functioning IT infrastructure in place. This outcome is only possible if you have the right people for the job.

Having a business continuity plan is essential to easily manage your business when an unforeseen hurdle or challenge comes your way. We can help you develop a detailed and comprehensive business continuity plan. This is made possible through our extensive assessment and auditing processes. With AVIANET, you get a failsafe plan to protect you in various scenarios and your business continuity isn’t compromised.

It professionals assessing the IT strategy, infrastructure, security and other services on a global scale

IT Assessment and Consultancy

How do you know whether your IT infrastructure and systems would work perfectly? Do you recognize a hacking attempt or a glitch in the applications you use? While many service providers boast zero downtime for their clients, we take our services a notch above. Our experienced and dedicated team assesses your IT infrastructure while keeping the following in mind:

Corporate IT Strategy

We help you develop a comprehensive and modern corporate IT strategy. The strategy factors in the resources at hand, as well as potential improvements and your business needs.

IT Infrastructure

Analyzing your IT infrastructure for any gaps or vulnerabilities is easy when you have the right tools. We also prepare a detailed report with suggestions and methods for improvement.

IT Organization

We manage the monitoring, management, maintenance, recording and reporting of your entire IT infrastructure. This way, you don’t have to augment your resources and hire additional people to get the job done.

IT Security

All aspects of IT security are covered by AVIANET to safeguard your company from any threats or vulnerabilities. You can count on us for network security and cloud security.

Mobility Services

AVIANET helps organizations to constantly stay connected with stages of the mobile usage lifecycle. We focus on managing devices, confidential information, mobility and costs.

Your Benefits

Thanks to AVIANET, you don’t have to hire an in-house team to manage your IT operations. We have years of credible experience and expertise behind us.

Continual Improvement

  • We continually monitor and assess your IT infrastructure to optimize operations and reduce downtimes.
  • We strive to ensure continuous improvement while streamlining back-end technology.

Cost Benefit

  • Our services are designed to increase your team’s productivity and reduce operating costs.
  • The cost advantages of our services help you increase your profitability and revenue.

Unconditional Support

  • We provide our clients with both on-site and remote support services, regardless of the location.
  • Our support professionals are Certified Systems experts. We can help you with any problem you might have.

Custom IT Support

  • We tailor our IT support & services to your operational needs, budget and tech stack.
  • We ensure all incidents are resolved before you or your customers even realize they were present.
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