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AVIANET is certified Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner. Thus, we provide exceptional and unparalleled infrastructure management services to all clients. Especially to those clients looking for AWS cloud solutions or support services. We have a unique DevOps approach that encapsulates consistent and modern computing processes, while also ensuring reliable, rapid and repeatable operations. By letting us in charge of DevOps, you can focus on your core business, while we handle cloud-based IT infrastructure.

DevOps Services

AVIANET offers a wide range of services and the integration of different DevOps tools to keep your application.

It isn’t easy to find the right DevOps services, which is why AVIANET team is proud of unmatched DevOps services. These services help to manage the connection between the development and operational side of the business. We manage every process efficiently in the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), from design to development and from testing to support. AVIANET uses the latest DevOps tools to ensure your application development process runs smoothly with no issues.


Good collaboration is a key factor for successful DevOps services. Collaboration requires coordinated and constant communication between two different departments within a company: development and operations. AVIANET employs certified and trained professionals who understand the importance of collaborating with different teams. This way we ensure that all team members are on the same page before development operations proceed further.


Automation is another fundamental part of DevOps service. It involves the integration and usage of specialized technology that helps to perform various operations without any assistance or intervention. We prioritize DevOps automation and we believe that our clients can achieve the scalability and efficiency that they envision.

Continuous Monitoring

Whether we manage DevOps by ourselves or use automation tools for process optimization, we make sure to keep monitoring and surveilling your DevOps cycle. Our team of dedicated professionals closely monitors every aspect of the DevOps cycle. They make sure that everything runs smoothly and you don’t have to worry about any arising issues or problems.

Continuous Integration (CI)

Continuous Integration is considered a best practice in DevOps. It requires developers to merge their newly-written code into a central repository, which is succeeded by automated testing processes. No matter how big your development team is, we help you manage the development code efficiently. This leads to ensuring that there are no errors or problems during testing or deployment.

Continuous Testing

DevOps professionals at AVIANET conduct testing during every phase of the software development lifecycle. This way, you can be certain that the end product will be of superior quality. Not only of superior quality, but that the development process aligns with your requirements and expectations.

Continuous Delivery (CD)

Our DevOps process also maintains a continuous delivery process. This process involves the use of automated testing tools, configuration and deployment of the software from the build to the production environment. We create multiple staging environments to deploy each new build. The result of CD is a faster and more accurate development process.

Managed Servers

Our managed solutions can deliver optimal maintenance, software performance, and high-end security to virtual and cloud Servers.

Managed servers are highly important to ensure a seamless software development lifecycle. They allow you to accelerate the integration, testing, deployment and the delivery of software. All these steps allow you to get your product to the market much quicker. Through our managed solutions, you can expect quality maintenance, continuous performance and high-end security for your cloud servers.

Server Administration

AVIANET server administration services deal with creating, setting up, managing and updating servers and domains. Clients rely on us to control their server fully and ensure that their DevOps team has all the support and resources it needs.

Server & Application Monitoring

Once your server is properly set up and configured, we move on to server and application monitoring service. This process enables us to look after every aspect of DevOps and server usage. Thus we can guarantee that the staging and deployment environments are set up properly.

Alerts, Notifications, & Statistics

As a part of our support service, we also offer your DevOps teams regular alerts, notifications, and statistics regarding the managed servers. We strive to keep them informed about every occurrence during the development lifecycle, so that their work doesn’t stop.

Auto Healing Service

Auto Healing is a key factor for cloud servers, particularly those managed by AWS. This service detects any problem in the managed server through automated diagnostics and the service works on fixing it promptly.

Security Updates & Patching

Our managed server professionals are constantly at work to keep providing the best security updates to our clients. We continue to monitor and manage the servers efficiently. Moreover, our team makes sure that you have the latest security updates and patches from AWS.

Configuration Assistance

Whether you need help with setting up a server, managing the server or updating the server we got you covered. Our AWS-certified professionals will assist you promptly and will not stop until you are satisfied.

Tweak & Optimization

AVIANET team continually monitors the managed servers and all opportunities and areas of improvement or tweaks. This way, we help enhance the server performance and assist your DevOps teams during the development process.

Backup & Recovery

Preparation for any emergency or unforeseen event is a must. We keep your sensitive and crucial development data safe with regular and multiple backups. Moreover, we ensure quick recovery and this way avoid downtime.

Migration Assistance

Are you thinking about changing your cloud server from your current provider to AWS? You don’t have to worry about the process, because we will undertake the entire operation and ensure a seamless transition.

Free SSL

Whether you are building a web or mobile app, you can rely on AVIANET to provide you with free SSL. With free SSL your entire development lifecycle is protected from external threats or cyber security issues.

Unlimited Support Tickets

No matter how many issues you encounter during the software development lifecycle, you only need to post a support ticket. We will provide you with unlimited support tickets, so that you can get your problems resolved in a timely manner.

Round-the-Clock Emergency Assistance

AVIANET has a dedicated team of support professionals who are willing to address any query, concern or request you have. Be it morning, noon or night; we are here to help you and streamline your DevOps process.


Your organization can reap numerous benefits from our DevOps services. Keep on reading to find out which exactly.

Cost Control

  • Our comprehensive and scalable DevOps services are designed to help you work faster with better security. We also cut down on operational and development costs.
  • We help you choose the most cost-effective and useful resources from AWS. You don’t have to pay for anything you don’t need or use.

Process Improvement

  • DevOps requires continuous improvement and optimization. Our DevOps professionals are committed to providing you with improvements and tweaks from time to time.
  • We opt for regular testing and monitoring, which helps us identify any areas that need improvement.

Quality Development

  • Our focus is always on maintaining a high-quality and accelerated DevOps process that facilitates your developers and other employees alike.
  • We strive to use best software development practices and automated tools, so that you get only the best from us.

DevOps Implementation

  • We assist in designing and implementing any processes to automate your SDLC in accordance with the best practices of CI/CD.
  • We provide you with the ability to scale fast with minimal downtime.
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