AVIANET Introduces Virtual Event Platform – A Leap in Event Management

23 September 2019 – Today, AVIANET, a trailblazer in digital and IT services, proudly announced the launch of its Virtual Event Platform (VEP). This innovative solution transcends industry barriers, utilizing VR and gamification to create interactive, cost-effective online events.

Eliminating Distance with Digital Solutions As the global economy tightens, geographical barriers remain a challenge. Nonetheless, the VEP dissolves these obstacles, enabling seamless global business connections. Events are crucial for networking, and the VEP facilitates these interactions virtually, allowing attendance from any corner of the world with ease.

Intuitive and Engaging Moreover, the VEP is user-friendly. Organizers can effortlessly establish a virtual booth in the exhibition space for material downloads. Additionally, live chats and presentations in the virtual auditorium foster real-time connections, making the experience engaging and straightforward.

Insights from Leadership Furthermore, Arshad Mughal, General Manager at AVIANET, emphasizes the VEP’s benefits: “The VEP introduces new audiences to event organizers. It’s an ideal solution for those who cannot spare a full day for an event, especially with travel involved. The VEP offers a virtual alternative, making guests feel as if they’re truly there, without the travel time.”

E-commerce and Analytics Integration Similarly, the VEP boasts e-commerce and analytics features. Users can effortlessly purchase tickets, reserve seats, and engage with the event. Afterwards, organizers can analyze data to continually enhance the event experience.

Complementing Traditional Events In addition, the VEP serves as both an alternative and a complement to physical events. By offering both, companies can expand their reach and showcase their innovative spirit.

AVIANET’s Comprehensive Digital Offerings Furthermore, AVIANET’s Event Management Platform provides a variety of modern solutions. This includes the Digital Event Companion, which ensures that attendees have the latest information at their fingertips, even with last-minute changes.

Technical Specifications Lastly, the VEP is compatible with a range of devices, ensuring accessibility for all users.

For more information on how AVIANET’s mobile and VR solutions can distinguish your business events, visit our Digital Event Platform.