AVIANET launches innovative virtual reality solution for events

New Virtual Event Platform eliminates geographical barriers to reduce event costs and travel

23 September 2019 – AVIANET, digital and IT services specialist, today announced the release of its new virtual reality (VR) solution, the Virtual Event Platform (VEP). With this industry-agnostic solution, event organizers and exhibitors can harness the power of VR and gamification to create interactive, online events that eliminate the need for common logistical and travel-related expenses.
The global economy may make the world seem smaller, but geographical barriers continue to pose a problem for companies that need to do business across the globe. Exhibitions and events are still an effective way to connect businesses and stakeholders, but as budgets become even tighter, many industries are looking for ways to cut costs through digital solutions. The VEP brings people together regardless of their location with a virtual environment. Simply by using a VR Cardboard, or their preferred mobile or desktop computer, attendees can attend an event on the other side of the world from the comfort of their own office or home.
Using the VEP is simple. Event organizers create a booth in the virtual exhibition area, where visitors can download brochures, videos and other materials. At the booth, visitors can live chat with booth representatives or other attendees to find out more about the business. Live presentations are also a great way to connect with guests. By hosting a live presentation in the virtual auditorium, exhibitors have the undivided attention of the attendees and can even answer questions from the audience.
Arshad Mughal, General Manager, AVIANET said: “The great thing about the VEP is that it opens up new audiences to event organizers. Most people don’t have a full day or more to dedicate to an industry event, so when one requires extensive travel, they simply choose not to go. Virtual events offer them another option. When a guest joins a fully-immersive virtual event, they feel like they are really there – and don’t waste a whole day getting there.”
The VEP also features E-commerce and analytics capabilities. Users can purchase tickets, reserve seats at workshops, use discount codes, sign up to win door prizes or send direct feedback, all within the virtual platform. After the event ends, it is quick and easy to pull usage data for analytics. With this information, it is possible to see what attendees responded to most, so that organizers can consistently improve their events.
While the VEP is an alternative solution to physical events, the two can also complement one another. By offering both types of events, companies can increase their attendance numbers and position themselves as an innovative industry player ahead of the trends.
AVIANET’s Event Management Platform offers a variety of solutions that modernize B2C and B2B events. In addition to the VEP, AVIANET helps businesses bring their events into the digital era with mobile solutions like the Digital Event Companion. When event organizers host their programs, schedules, venue information and more in the Digital Event Companion, they reduce waste while making a great impression with guests. Even if schedules or speakers need to be changed at the last minute, simply sending a push notification or updating information within the app ensures guests always have the information they need in the palm of their hand.
For further information on mobile and VR solutions that make your business stand out, visit https://www.avianet.aero/digital-event-platform/

Technical Information: The VEP works on computers with Windows or Mac operating systems, mobile devices with Android or IOS, and virtual reality headsets with a gyroscope.