AVIANET modernizes events with the Digital Event Companion

30 September 2019 – AVIANET, a digital and IT services expert, today unveils the Digital Event Companion. This mobile solution transforms physical events. It makes them more visitor-friendly and green.

Digitalization Meets Physical Events: Our world is digitizing rapidly. Yet, physical events still play a key role in business. Organizers strive to make their events memorable. The Digital Event Companion consolidates essential information. Programs, speaker profiles, and maps all fit into one mobile app. It’s a GDPR-compliant progressive web app (PWA). No downloads are needed. Users access everything through a website. They get a secure, app-like experience on their devices.

A Step Forward by AVIANET’s General Manager: Arshad Mughal, General Manager at AVIANET, shares his vision: “The Digital Event Companion modernizes traditional events. It offers sustainable solutions. It’s often paperless. This saves money and reduces waste. It also shows our commitment to innovation.”

Streamlining Event Management: Preparing for events takes months. Last-minute changes can be costly. The Digital Event Companion eliminates the need for reprints. All updates happen in the app. This makes events paperless. The app prioritizes attendees. It offers modern, engaging features. Users personalize their schedules. They save events and meet with exhibitors. Organizers send updates via push notifications.

E-commerce and Analytics Inside the App: The app includes e-commerce and analytics. Users buy tickets and reserve workshop seats. They use discount codes and enter giveaways. Organizers manage everything in one place. After events, they quickly analyze data. This helps improve future events.

AVIANET’s Broad Event Solutions: AVIANET’s platform modernizes B2C and B2B events. The Digital Event Companion is just one part of our innovation in virtual events.

Technical Compatibility: The Digital Event Companion works on all platforms. This includes web, Android, and iOS.

For more on our mobile and VR solutions, visit AVIANET.