AVIANET adds 2D version to its innovative Virtual Event Platform

The new solution enables engaging, virtual events in a streamlined, web-based environment

14th August 2020 – AVIANET, a digital and IT services specialist and subsidiary of AVIAREPS, has unveiled its latest offering: a new web-based, 2D virtual event solution. This expansion builds upon the Virtual Event Platform (VEP) introduced last year. Known as VEP 2D, this new version enables organizers to host interactive online events for unlimited attendees and exhibitors, accessible from their preferred devices.

Arshad Mughal, General Manager, AVIANET said: “Amid the current global situation, businesses heavily reliant on networking at events and trade shows face immense pressure. However, those utilizing the VEP need not cancel or postpone vital engagements. Instead, they seamlessly transition to virtual platforms, ensuring uninterrupted connections with stakeholders. Virtual events, devoid of location, time zone, or travel constraints, open up boundless opportunities.”

Fully web-based and intuitive, the VEP 2D offers many features similar to its 3D, VR-enabled counterpart but in a simpler, quicker format for hosting virtual events. Exhibitors can set up booths in the Exhibition Area, allowing visitors to access brochures, videos, and other materials. Additionally, visitors can engage in live chats with representatives to learn more about the business. Exhibitors also have the option to host live presentations or panels in the virtual Live Auditorium, where they can address audience questions. To enhance engagement, exhibitors can livestream from their video cameras for a more face-to-face experience. For flexibility, presenters can pre-record presentations for the On-Demand Auditorium. Personal conversations can be scheduled in the One-To-One Meeting Room, and a Download Center is available for accessing digital assets. All areas are easily accessible via the Exhibition Hall, providing visitors with a clear overview of the event.

VEP 2D, part of AVIANET’s Event Management Platform, is a suite of solutions aimed at modernizing events. Like other offerings in this platform, VEP 2D leverages e-commerce and analytics capabilities. This ensures that organizers receive precise and comprehensive event data for analysis.

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