Customer Service updates for your business

The most important part of elevating your customer service is providing personalized customer care. Meaning, every customer should feel equally taken care of and appreciated. So, the mentioned strategy incentivizes one on one conversations and avoiding instant messaging and emails for customer care inquiries.

As we are all aware the Covid 19 pandemic has sparked the E-commerce business. With that big change in the business the customer care expectations have risen to a new level. Why should the customer spend money if they don’t feel appreciated? Nevertheless, the expectations for E-commerce businesses are high. Multiple researchers share that by 2024 the total E-commerce sales will rise for about 20%.

Customers expect personalized services even when they are purchasing products and services online. So, you get the point, you should definitely step up your customer care services and collect the benefits. Customer care will be your tool to separate yourself from your competition. New research conducted on the market states that personalized service is voted over 79% more important than personalized marketing initiatives.

What is personalized customer service?

It is in human nature to want to feel recognized and unique. According to that statement, customers tend to feel very unsatisfied if they are treated just like a number. Your company should strive to create meaningful interactions between customers and your business team. It can be very frustrating for the customer to reach customer service and to repeat their personal information multiple times. So, you as a company should keep in mind how to avoid that repetitive information gathering. It is crucial to keep a proper customer base within your company. The data gathering by your customers eases the process for your customer service team and customers themselves.

Besides proper customer interactions it is important to include personalized customer experience.

Personalized customer experience – A perfect steppingstone for advanced customer service:

If your goal is to reach long-term profitability, then you must understand all your customers individually. This might sound a little bit demanding, however multiple researches and focus groups have confirmed this strategy.

Personalization is the key to long-term customer loyalty. Research has proven that over 80% of customers are more likely to be repetitive customers if they have tailored shopping experience. In addition, over 71% of customers are deeply unsatisfied by the lack of personal shopping experience. Not to mention, if your company tries to implement personalized shopping experience, it will reduce the return rates of items. If the shopping experience is personalized even the impulse purchases are reduced to 5% return rates. Customers enjoy being listened to and over 70% of customers said that being acknowledged impacts their loyalty.

How to implement personalized customer service?

A little goes a long way. So, it is always good to start with the basics. For example, like using customer’s names to greet them when they arrive or call or whenever you want to reach them. Personalization is not just about verbalization, but also the whole experience. It is your job as a customer service representative to know your customer, their wants and cater to their specific needs.

Most customers don’t want to wait for an agent to answer their call or email. They would like to correspond via channels familiar to them. Using more platforms to communicate with customers makes you more flexible. This way you don’t encourage only one communication channel, but you give more options.

You should use as many communication platforms as you like and you can manage. But if you don’t know your customer well all the effort made doesn’t mean much. Data collection is the key here. Know customers history of purchases, what were the communication channels in the past and service preferences. All these information is worth it in the long run to create perfect service for the customers.

Have a good Help Center available 24/7:

Many customers will try to handle their issues on their own. If they were incapable to do so on their own, help centers are a great alternative. Not to mention that they reduce the number of routine calls. Which profoundly saves time and resources for customer care agents. Help centers give customers a place to go if they want to solve a problem, give their inputs or opinions and handle objectives.

Measure Customer Satisfaction:

Even if you are doing all the proposed customer care updates, to be successful you need to have the data as proof. You can do that by measuring customer satisfaction with a Customer Effort Score (CES). CES gives you an overview of your success as a customer care agent. Usually, it is a metric that evaluates scores from 1-5. If it is a survey question, 5 would be the highest score and 1 the lowest. Example of survey questions are: “How fast was your problem resolved?”. Analysing this data provides improvement ideas and focus where should you focus your energy next.

Final Thoughts:

If you follow our tips, your customer care service should be perfectly aligned with your customers’ expectations. Your company will easily be recognized among consumers in a positive way. Why wait? Start implementing changes and create the best customer experience you can.