This Is Why You Face Obstacles In Learning Networking.

In this day and time of Internet where everyone is obsessed on their smartphones and computers, it’s impossible to imagine about any task without networking. The computer networking is growing rapidly. If we look around, we will realize the importance of networking which could be our everyday social networks or could be this computer-based technical networking all are working to improve the quality of life for humans by providing a new method of living by networking.

In the business world of today, computer networks are the normal. These networks support more traffic than ever before. This isn’t just from smartphones, but computers too are now a part of the network and the Internet of Things (IoT) is also becoming an integral component of it. They do bring their own challenge with them as well as when it comes to making them and when they are maintained.

In smaller networks, it’s easy to overlook small issues however, in a larger network, it is difficult to spot and address these challenges because it could cause the entire infrastructure of the network to fall and with it. Small and frequent problems with computers are easily identified and resolved, but there are some issues which are more difficult to deal with, let’s talk the challenges of computer networks. Before getting into the networking issues, let’s take an overview of this network before we examine the issues that are associated with computer networks we encounter frequently in our day-to- daily lives.

Computer Network is an essential component of the communication process that is used in Information Technology (IT). It is a group of computers that are connected to each to allow computers to connect with another computer and share resources and information. These computers connected to networks utilize a set protocol for network communication that use digital interconnections to serve the purposes of sharing resources within or offered through network nodes. The network’s interconnections are created by a variety of networks topologies.


Common Challenges of Computer Network:

  1. Performance Degradation

We have all experienced issues with integrity of data and speed of networks that is usually due to poor transmissions. It is sometimes referred to as performance degrade. Any network that has either small or large performance issues is commonplace, however for large networks, the performance degradation is a major issue since communication needs to be established over an area larger and through the use of many devices for network communication.


  1. Security Issues

When it comes to computers network, this issue of security is a major issue. It is among the most important issues of computers and poses a major challenge for security experts in networks. They typically involve securing the network from various cyber-attacks, blocking unauthorized users from gaining access to and use the system, as well as maintaining the integrity of the network. Security issues increase when networks expand in size. When the size of the network is huge, the chances of security concerns are greater.


  1. Host Identification

Small networks are easily set up using manual addressing however this can become an issue in larger networks, particularly when it comes in the area of host identification. Without a correct address for networking, it is difficult to establish communication within the networks. Thus, having a proper host ID is essential for network communications.


  1. Configuration Conflicts

The majority of large networks must handle configuration conflicts as well as bustling networks because there is a lot of traffic traversing it. In smaller networks, just a few thousand IP addresses that have unique host names are accessible, which means there’s less chance of conflict between devices. Nowadays, this issue is not as prevalent since the network structure is designed to be able to handles conflicts in configuration.


  1. Capacity Concern

Nowadays, the amount of data is increasing that it comes from many sources. Also, the capacity of networks has to increase in line with it. In the present, we’re facing trends such as Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data , Data science And in the next year, there will be something new added , so networks will also have to expand their capacity requirements and also be prepared for cyber-attacks.


  1. Slow Connectivity

The slow connectivity on a network can be a major issue when the task is simple and requires a long time to be completed over the network. It is often due to large transfer of files over a huge space via networks. It can be a problem for those working in the computer network.


  1. Monitor and Maintenance

Monitoring and maintaining a global network is among the most pressing issues of our time. It becomes extremely difficult to keep track of the volume of traffic on an extensive network.


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