Top Trending Website Development Technologies used in 2022

Are you ready to innovate with your web application by 2022? We’ve done extensive research on the industry to help you become a pioneer in your field. These are the web development trends that you should be following.

Web development standards can evolve rapidly, often outpacing their implementation. It’s crucial to stay vigilant and monitor the emerging trends and techniques that gain popularity in web development.

To create the ultimate web development trends for 2022, we have taken into account industry tendencies. You’ll also find information about the most important web technology stacks that you should be paying attention to in the next year. These trends should interest you regardless of your interests — whether they are marketplace development, startup innovation, or IoT inventions.

The 2022 Web Tech Trends You Should Be Following 

1.   Voice search

The voice search era is just beginning. Each smartphone has a digital assistant (Siri on iPhones and Google Assistant for Android-based smartphones). Additionally, smart speakers that are powered with AI have been growing in popularity.

Why is this shift to voice interfaces?

  • Use it quickly – Communication is something that we don’t need to learn. Children and seniors can communicate with each other using voice interfaces, without needing to learn.
  • Affordability – Smartphones already have digital voice assistants. Although smart speakers aren’t very common, a starting price of $50 is a good prerequisite for future expansion.

2. Web Assembly

Performance is often compromised when building a web application. JavaScript limitations can make large calculations slow and this negatively impacts the user experience. Most popular games and powerful apps are only available as native desktop apps.

Web Assembly will revolutionize the game. This new format aims to deliver native-like performance for web apps. With Web Assembly, you can compile code from any language into bytecode, which browsers can then execute.

Web Assembly code runs faster than JavaScript. As a result, you can write the performance-critical parts of the app with the most suitable language (C/C++/C#/Rust/Kotlin). Web Assembly will handle execution in the browser. Native apps can be launched in the browser immediately. This allows you to access more users and offers comparable web performance without any additional development costs.

There are more and more popular web and desktop browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Safari and Chrome, Opera Mobile and Opera Mobile. This trendy tool makes it possible to elevate UX to new heights.

3. Machine learning allows for content personalization

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (including machine learning) have an impact on our daily internet activities without us even realizing it. This is the core purpose of ML — improving native experiences.

Machine learning allows software to learn from other programs and improve its performance. The software analyses the data and detects patterns. It then makes decisions to improve its work.

Enhancing user experience can be achieved by enabling image recognition and natural language. Machine perception allows computers to understand data and make informed decisions. Machine learning is used in web apps across many industries such as finance, healthcare, agriculture, and education. This technology provides significant improvements that are impossible to achieve without AI.

4. Data security

Cybercriminals are attracted to web apps that process more data. They want to ruin your services and steal data from your employees or company information. This can do great damage to your reputation and could cost you a lot. Web service security should be a top priority. These are the top 4 ways to ensure user data security in 2022.

Security testing should never be neglected

Security testing is possible during development and can help prevent data leakage. Every change to your web app must be tested.

Website monitoring tools

An algorithm can monitor all requests and detect suspicious activity. Your team can quickly respond to a timely notification and protect the web application.

Choose carefully third-party services

SaaS software has become more popular because it allows for faster app development. You need to ensure that you can trust the service provider.

Encrypt sensitive data

Even if an offender gains access to your database, they won’t be able to extract any use of the sensitive data there.

To help you keep your data and apps safe, we have prepared the most recent web trends for 2022. Two important components should be highlighted here:

Cybersecurity: Artificial Intelligence

The machines are becoming more intelligent. This fact is not without its negative side, but we will be focusing on the benefits it offers.

We expect AI technologies to be even more useful in data security in 2022. Already, we have the opportunity to observe the latest developments: AI-powered biometric logins which scan retinas and fingerprints are more than science fiction. These functions are demonstrated by web systems in many large companies.

85% Of the founders of telecom companies say that they rely upon AI for cybersecurity.

AI-powered security software makes it easier to spot malicious activity and threats. The threat of malware becoming more sophisticated and dangerous increases with each passing day. Large companies have now trained their AI systems so they can analyze network behaviour and respond immediately to suspicious activity.

  • Cybersecurity: Blockchain

Bitcoin and other blockchain-related topics have been at the top of tech blogs and reports for many years. We recommend that you take a closer look at bitcoin in 2022 as a tool to secure web solutions.

NASA used blockchain technology to secure data and prevent cyberattacks on their services. This is a great point to start from: If powerful leaders use blockchain technology to protect their entities why would they ignore it?

  • Database safety

You make it easy for hackers to steal your data if you keep all of it in one place. Blockchain is a distributed database that allows data to be stored in multiple locations and authorities. Each user is responsible for verifying data and all changes must be approved by everyone.

  • Protected DNS

DDoS attacks on large companies are a serious problem. There is a solution: DNS decentralization. An attacker can’t find sensitive points and attack your domain if the content is distributed to many nodes.

5. Progressive web apps (PWA), and accelerated mobile pages

Google favours apps that load quickly on mobile phones. PWA and AMP are two unique technologies that can reduce the time it takes to load web pages.

Progressive Web App (PWA) web page is designed to replicate a native mobile experience. It’s fast, works online, or with poor internet connections, and it is very affordable. PWAs support interactions. Users can enjoy high-end experiences without even realizing they are still using their browsers. E-commerce web apps are one common use case of this technology.

An accelerated mobile webpage (AMP) is only for static content but loads faster than regular HTML. An AMP does not display any fancy elements, but only the important information, such as text and images. This is a great approach for news publishers and blogs.

Depending on your particular case, PWA or AMP may be the right choice. These technologies should be considered immediately. You have the potential to significantly improve your search results rankings by delivering a high-end user experience.

6. Multi-Experience

Smartphones, tablets, and laptops are the foundation of app development. We can’t imagine our lives without them. Other smart devices, such as smartwatches, smartwatches, cars, and other components of IoT systems are also gaining popularity. While mobile-friendly apps are essential, there is a new trend in app development. Multi-experience is a way for users to use your app anywhere they like: in a car or on their smartwatches. It is important to create an app that looks great, works well, and offers value on all devices in the same engaging, useful way. The adaptation of web apps for all screen sizes is 2022’s latest trend. This is known as multi-experience and it’s one of Gartner’s top technology trends.

7. Motion UI

Motion design will be one of the most important web design trends in the next year. Simple design combined with complex interactions looks good and draws attention.

You can think of page header transitions and nice hovers as well as animated charts, background animations and modular scrolling. These elements, along with many others, will allow you to display your style and entertain users. This will improve behavioural factors and help your web app rank higher on search results.

8. Micro Frontends

Microservices architecture is gaining popularity among software developers around the world. This development style allows for more flexibility and scale than the traditional monolithic, old-fashioned backends. There are still issues with frontends. Both enterprise and startup developers must deal with monolithic codes that create user interfaces.

Monolithic frontends are not only difficult to support but can also affect the quality of your project and make it difficult to achieve success. One trend for 2022 is a way to avoid potential headaches.

We’re thrilled to announce that it’s now possible to break down monolithic frontends into smaller pieces, test them individually, and deploy them separately. This opens up opportunities for multi-team collaboration on multiple frontend components, which can ultimately be combined into one amazing web app. This technology is now known as micro frontends.

It makes it easier to do code refactoring or upgrade apps. Engineers can independently rewrite any component of the front end without affecting functionality or the overall UI. This allows you to collaborate with multiple teams to create apps faster. Each engineering group has its scope and deploys components separately.

Technology stack for web app development

Which technologies will be the most popular in 2022? Let’s find out which tools are best for you to use:

MEAN and Angular stack

 Angular is a Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework. You can write well-structured, easy-to-support code using three separate components. For simple applications, two-way data binding works well. Any changes to the model and view will be immediately implemented. One-way data binding is better for complex projects.

Typescript is required to make the most out of Angular JS web design. The framework can only be used with regular DOM, so there are some limitations.

MEAN stack is one the most well-known. It includes:

  • MongoDB – A database
  • Express.js is a web framework
  • Angular – A frontend framework
  • Node.js – backend

This stack has a clear advantage: all its components use JavaScript. This means that hiring a team of JavaScript developers or a full-stack JavaScript Developer shouldn’t be a problem.


Angular is frequently replaced by React, a JavaScript-based library, in the above stack. Although the MERN stack is still relatively young, React’s popularity has encouraged its rapid growth.

React.js outperforms Angular because of virtual DOM. This allows for faster and more efficient implementation of changes. React is a library, not a framework. This means developers have to use third-party services.

React also uses JSX. This is a modified JavaScript that allows seamless component work. If you want to get the most out of the MERN stack and React, it is a good idea to have JSX knowledge.


Vue.js, a newer JS framework has seen incredible popularity growth in the past few years. It is lightweight, which is partly why it has such high popularity. It offers basic functionality, which is a significant advantage over Angular’s monolithic solution. However, this application can be easily extended by third-party services with the assistance of a Vue developer. This means that you don’t have to process duplicate code as with Angular.

Vue.js can also be used with MongoDB and Express.js to create the MEVN stack.

Flutter for web

We’ve already mentioned the potential multi-experience trend in 2022. It’s possible to create an app that works on all devices and screens. The Flutter development toolkit is your solution to creating a user interface that looks great on any screen.

Flutter for the Web is an excellent solution in many cases. Flutter can transform an existing mobile website into a solution that is compatible with a wide range of devices.

We look forward to Google’s launch of Fuchsia, a new operating system. The Flutter platform is currently used to create the UI and apps. You have the chance to be a pioneer on Fuchsia OS’s horizon if your Flutter app is launched.


Node.js is an essential component of the web development stacks described above. This environment is used to create server-side applications. Nodejs requires JavaScript knowledge. It is commonly used in stacks with JS frontend frameworks.


Django is a Python web platform. It can be used with any frontend framework, including the ones mentioned above. Due to the availability of many third-party packages, it is a great solution for any website. Django is a good choice for your backend web app because of its popularity.


PHP is a popular backend programming language. Laravel is one of its most popular frameworks. Vue.js and Laravel work well together. However, Angular or React can also be used with Laravel to develop web apps.


Trends can change quickly so it can be difficult to keep up with them. It’s worth trying. You can delight your users by providing a top-notch experience, increase your app’s ranking and expand your market for your services by following the latest trends in web development.

Voice search will grow in popularity over the coming years and force service providers to adapt to this new reality. You can reach your clients quickly via voice search if you approach it carefully. It sounds great, right? For a while, user data security has been a hot topic. If you want to be a market leader, this is something you must address.

Your web app users will be more likely to choose you if they have multiple experiences. You can also attract more attention to your app if you satisfy their needs in a better manner using ML algorithms.

Every 2022 web trend should be worth your attention. While some will be around for the next decade, others will be commonplace in a matter of months. Don’t delay in implementing them. Drive into the comprehensive guide now and embrace the AVIANET era.

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