Organising sustainable events

Sustainable events are no longer just about the environment. Of course, they significantly reduce CO2 emissions but now  they also represent the same opportunities for everyone, bringing communities together and supporting local economies.


The purpose of sustainable events is to create something that will be a good legacy for the future of the world. Meaning of sustainable in general is to reduce all the negative impacts we have on our environment. Companies that try to be sustainable, show true compassion and respect towards the environment. These companies choose to be transparent towards real-life issues and try to correct them. Choosing sustainable events might be the first real step towards better future for everyone. It is a commitment with many benefits. 


Environmental benefits of sustainable events 


Events that are hybrid or online would be more sustainable. Simply because people are not required to travel anywhere. This significantly reduces CO2 emissions and waste generation. It also reduces water and electricity consumption. If you choose in-person events, look for venues with natural lighting to avoid using too much electricity. Venues that are directly connected to public transportation are also a good option because they require fewer vehicles. It is a good idea to organize private transportation for the event so that attendees can travel together. Typically, hosts like to give their attendees gifts at in-person events, this leads to a wide usage of plastic which is extremely harmful for the environment. If you choose to host virtual or hybrid events even your gifts can be sustainable because they can be in a digitalised format. There is another blog which showcases different digital gift options. 


Some aspects of the events are carbon neutral, implying that CO2 cannot be completely avoided. Declaring that you are completely sustainable is deceptive, and you should not promote false claims. Companies that are serious about reducing CO2 emissions can participate in projects that promote and help achieve this goal. This is known as obtaining voluntary carbon credits.


Promoting equality on all levels through sustainable events 


When most people hear about sustainable events, they immediately think of just the environmental impact. On the other hand, sustainable events are much more than that. Being sustainable also entails promoting equality and inclusivity for all. Leaving a positive legacy for current and future communities is also important. It is about promoting equal opportunities for all, allowing everyone to be open and speak their minds, promoting barrier-free access to various information, and, finally, boosting the local economy.


Reducing costs through sustainable events


One of the most effective ways to encourage sustainable events is to demonstrate how they save money. Technology has greatly aided in this endeavour. Because of technology, there is less commuting, a smaller workforce, and a reduction in the use of paper, plastic, electricity, and waste. Not to mention the fact that time is money. People can focus on more meaningful tasks with the help of technology. It saves countless hours otherwise spent on administrative tasks. This allows you to concentrate on ways to make events more sustainable and to make a real difference in today’s world.


Online invitations 


Even if you are not planning a fully online or hybrid event, there is no need to print hundreds of invitations. It is standard practice to send invitations via email. There’s no need to pollute the environment by printing paper invitations. First and foremost, they are very likely to become disoriented somewhere. To connect with your audience, it is preferable to use targeted campaigns or social media. Not to mention that email invitations allow you to send out reminders to your attendees.


While trying to be sustainable, be genuine and transparent about it. There is no point in deceiving your audience with greenwashing tactics. There are plenty of reasons to be sustainable as mentioned above in our blog. To enhance the sense of belongingness to a community, to promote equal opportunities and inclusivity for everyone and lastly to take care of our environment. Each company can take these steps to ensure better future for everyone.