5 Compelling Reason Why Need Industrial Security Consulting

Your firm might not have the resources, expertise or time to respond to increasing cybersecurity threats. It can lead to significant gaps in your long-term security plan if you don’t have a solid defence-in-depth strategy. Industrial Security Consulting services are a solution to the problem of limited resources and time. They provide the highest value and knowledge to deal with the most recent cyber threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities.

These are five reasons to use security consulting services for maximum security in your company.

 1. Security Assessment & Planning

A constantly changing threat landscape means that your company must continuously review and analyze the new risks, threats, and vulnerabilities that could adversely affect your business.

Your organization’s security assessment will ensure that you are always ahead of the curve when it comes to security threats. It can be extremely difficult for businesses to keep up with the most recent security threats. Attacks are occurring every day.

Industrial Security Consultants can craft tailored security plans that meet your specific needs. Each security solution will include a recommendation plan aligned with your strategic goals. This roadmap will be designed to complement your existing IT environment.

A professional security consultant can assess:

  • Organization’s ability to respond to cyberattacks and detect them.
  • How attackers can penetrate the physical security architecture
  • Security policies that govern the overall security strategy of the organization
  • You need the right security solution design to meet your business goals

These questions are not exhaustive, but they give you a good idea of the services a professional security consultant could offer. A team of security consultants can create a customized security plan that is aligned with your company’s short-term as well as long-term goals and objectives. This leads us to the next point.

 2. Maximize Your Security Investments

Industrial Security is often seen as a cost centre by many companies rather than a business accelerator. If security is properly scaled to return on investment (ROI), security can be used as an accelerator for business. Your CEO and Board will be looking for simple returns on investment to show that security investments are worthwhile.

A Forbes survey found that 82% of North American and European executives believe security investments will increase in 2017, indicating that they are willing to fund innovation (next-generation technology) over security (protection of current assets).

Security consulting services help you build a mature, long-term security strategy that will increase your security return on investments. This is done by working closely alongside your team to identify the goals and objectives of the business, as well as metrics that will help move it forward.

These objectives will be aligned to create a use case specific to your business. This could include next-generation antivirus systems, endpoint security, or MSS.

 3. A member of your in-house security team?

Your security team will be involved in many other initiatives and projects. Security consulting firms can be an extension of your security team and provide a cost-effective way for your company to address evolving threats and risks.

Security consulting firms can offer specialized expertise to your company in areas like security architecture, attack detection, remediation, and response.

A security consultant will also have years of experience working with hundreds of clients, if not thousands, and the most recent security technologies. A good consulting firm will create a security plan tailored to your needs and environment.

 4. Handle Compliance & Regulatory Requirements

Security consultants must also be certified and qualified to handle ISO27001, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard(PCI DSS), audits and scanning, and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, (HIPAA), Federal Information Security Management Act, (FISMA), Gramm Leach Bliley Act, GLBA, and other regulatory issues.

According to the 2016 Verizon Enterprise report, 80% are not PCI DSS-compliant. Almost every industry has a payment processing business.

Security consulting services play a vital role in keeping your company updated on the latest regulatory and compliance requirements within your industry. This is essential as future audits may have a significant impact on your business operations. Therefore, having a security consultant by your side can help you navigate through these requirements effectively.

 5. Enjoy the Most Recent Cyber Attacks

A skilled industrial security or cybersecurity consultant will be able to identify and fix any vulnerabilities or risks in your company. You will feel more secure knowing that your overall risk has been reduced when you partner with a security consultancy firm.

Many organizations are examining how they spend security money as the threat landscape changes. Security is something you probably know. But it’s not about when or what the future will bring.

Security consulting services can help you reach maturity in your security environment. This is something that many companies don’t achieve. A skilled team of security consultants has worked with clients from many industries and will be able to identify the obstacles and pitfalls that you need to avoid when you are transforming your security environment.

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