5 Ways To Engage Attendees At Virtual Events

Virtual events and virtual meetings offer attendees more chances to “zone in” than traditional meetings and events. Because they are already connected to the internet, distractions are only a click away. How can you keep your attendees focused during virtual meetings or virtual events when attention is scarce? With the help of technology and a little creativity, you can create virtual events that are more than attendees watching a screen. Here are 5 ways to keep your attendees interested in virtual events.

  • Networking

Networking is the key to successful in-person events. Everyone is in the same place. Virtual meetings are a great way to network. Use your digital event attendees list to connect attendees based on common interests, random matchups or shared event goals. Initiate video happy hours to allow attendees to meet up and answer questions.

   · On-Demand Content

It can be tiring to sit in a chair and watch videos all day. Participants can mix and match content, and view sessions at their own pace with on-demand sessions. Sessions can be attended at any hour. You want your attendees to adhere to an agenda. Give them some leeway and allow for breaks.

   · Gamification

Everyone loves to play games. Gamification can be used in your virtual events for attendees to participate in challenges and win prizes. They could reach out to sponsors, network and take surveys to earn points.

  · FAQs and Tips for Virtual Events

For FAQs, create a page for your event website. The new format will make it easier for attendees to learn. By having all the information centrally located, they will be able to find what they need. A guide to help attendees understand how to make the most of the virtual event is created. Make a video guide instead of a written one.

 · Push Notification

Attendees or staff members can use push notifications to receive reminders about going to the correct room or picking up items in the hallway. These notifications can add engagement and fun to live virtual events. For instance, they can inform attendees that the keynote starts in five minutes, prompting them to grab a cup of tea and settle down. Additionally, push notifications can share intriguing facts, fostering a sense of belonging among attendees.


A virtual event doesn’t need to be a stripped-down version of an in-person one. While it may not match the engagement level of an in-person event, prioritizing it is essential. Being virtual requires you to get creative in keeping attendees engaged and inspired. With AVIANET as your event partner, you can rest assured of hosting engaging events tailored to your preferences, regardless of your location.