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As a leading IT service provider, AVIANET offers a more flexible, scalable and rewarding approach to technical support than others. No matter what your organizational concerns or worries are, you can be at ease knowing that we have a solution. Our solutions ensure the security and growth of your business. We can build your IT infrastructure from the ground up, or test, update and maintain your existing IT infrastructure. We take care of all of your technical worries and we make sure you can maximize your efficiency enterprise-wide.

Our team possesses expert skills to manage, streamline and spearhead a project towards success. We deploy IT services tailored to your business, managing your infrastructure and supporting you in every step of the way. We free up your in-house team to focus on growing your company while we deal with the IT aspects!

Here’s how our IT services can give your company a competitive edge and make you stand out:

IT Professional Service

Our IT Professional Services proactively support your business with management of your IT, cloud and communications environment from end to end. We offer fully customizable services and solutions that ensure cost-efficiency, predictability and flexibility.

From procurement, deployment and security, to ongoing support, management and disaster recovery, we look after all of your technology needs. We help you reduce the downtime, costs, and business impact of incidents by putting effective, standardized IT processes in place. This way, you can focus on what’s really important, your core business and your customers.

Software Development

Rapid software development is always supported by an in-depth discovery, design and development process. Our experts create custom software solutions that deliver highest ROI every time. We design innovative digital products that help you attain your business objectives. Each feature in every software product is designed to improve your company’s value, customer base and profitability.


With the unique combination of our state-of-the-art acceleration technologies and our multi-talented team, we’ll solve your business challenges with our software solutions. The mentioned software solutions are delivered in record time and with less risk than others. Over the years, we’ve helped many businesses use robust software to work more efficiently. We’re ready to help you get started.

Network Services

Network professionals help you assess your network infrastructure and measure the performance of your network assets. We design and implement an optimal network architecture, addressing all areas of risk while planning for expansion and growth.

We work closely with your in-house team to understand your immediate and future requirements to propose a networking solution. We make sure that our networking solution is designed to achieve your desired business outcomes. Together we can empower your users to access your network from diverse locations across the globe.

Whether you need solutions to boost productivity or a secure network to protect your business. Maybe even a network to accommodate your growing business, we work with you to ensure you fulfil all set objectives. Our networking professionals have the combined experience and expertise to offer you a practical solution that ensures your business runs effortlessly 24/7.


Steer clear from code emergencies and long downtimes, enjoy greater release confidence and smoother cloud migrations. Our DevOps professionals help you quickly identify and resolve issues that affect product uptime, speed and functionality. We help you cut down on incidents and resolution times dramatically.

As a certified AWS partner, we offer unmatched infrastructure management services so you can maximize your AWS cloud solutions. Our managed solutions deliver optimum software performance, maintenance and high-end security to virtual and cloud servers.

AVIANET DevOps engineers work with you to optimize the delivery, deployment, development and security. In addition, they support you with any high-load, fail-safe system using microservices architecture. We ensure that your business strategy is always supported by the high-quality software.

2D Virtual Event Platform

Whether you’re hosting a corporate meeting, exhibition or a training, bring your event to the next level with 2D Virtual Event Platform. The platform is fully customizable, which makes hosting virtual events easier and more adjusted to your needs. Our experts offer full technical support during your event so you can focus on making a lasting impression with attendees.

The interactive 2D platform is equipped with downloadable content, multi-user participation, branding options, adjustable modules, reward collection and much more. We also provide in-house streaming within the platform for live interaction. This way you can reach more participants regardless of their location.

3D Virtual Event Platform

Revolutionize the way attendees connect and participate in your virtual events. AVIANET’s 3D Virtual Event Platform makes it easy to engage with colleagues and customers – no matter where they are in the world. Our support team is always ready to offer assistance and guidance through the whole process, from start to finish.

Enjoy a hassle-free experience with our pre-event, during-event and after-event support. All you have to do is set up your event, set up your avatar and start exploring the 360° virtual world.


Reach a larger audience with a fully immersive webcast. AVIANET offers an easy-to-use, secure and scalable platform that allows organizers to reach an unlimited number of viewers.

Webcasts are used to host a remote meeting, share an important message, organize a training session or simply entertain the viewers. Our interactive webcasts deliver online events that connect people on a global scale. Users can access our webcast with web browsers, there’s no need for extra downloading and setting up.

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