AVIANET Managed WAN Services offer a comprehensive network management solution.

From our Managed WAN Services, you can select to receive simple notification of network faults up to complete outsourcing of your network management.

A Global and Dynamic Business Model:

  • Convergence of complex networks


  • Number & performance of applications


  • Security & compliance


  • Remote locations and workforce


  • In-house expertise


  • Timely knowledge and support

Managed WAN Solutions
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Business Challenges


  • Increased complexity of enterprise networks


  • Lack of time and resources


  • Adoption of new network technologies, applications and services


  • Evolving business and compliance requirements


  • Proliferation of networked devices accelerating security concerns

AVIANET’s Managed Services Continuum

AVIANET’s Managed Services Continuum

Your Benefits


Commitment to uptime with industry-leading SLAs

Service Flexibility

Flexibility to match customer needs with three levels of service


A proven track record with more than 18 years of network management experience – partnering and managing some of the most critical and complex global networks today

Carrier Diversity

Management of non-AVIANET circuits and networks, allowing for carrier-neutral and carrier- diversity requirements