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For the Aviation industry, a move towards Cloud Computing is a serious
matter. Our long track record of servicing aviation
customers offer the required confidence and knowledge about your
specific needs, which is vital for making the right decisions of this
challenging transformation of your IT Infrastructure.
Our A-Cloud Computing Solutions are even one step ahead as they
also cover Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Services,
Virtualized Disaster Recovery (VDR) Services as well as Data Backup and Restore (DBR) Solutions. Choose AVIANET with its holistic
approach to ensure you can profit from all cloud-related
What you can rely on

Key Features

Power, Simplicity & Control

Prepare servers in advance for immediate availability when the need arises. Devide processor, memory, and storage resources to each server as needed without locking them in advance. Shut down the server and divide more processors, memory, or storage when needed.

Support of different Operating Systems

Windows Server 2003 and 2008

– Red Hat Enterprise Linux
– FreeBSD
– Solaris
– SUSE Linux
Besides, if you have pre-existing images or custom OS needs, you have the freedom to upload and install on blank virtual machines.

Integrated Network and Managed Firewall

AVIANET Cloud Hosting Solutions offer managed Internet connectivity to your virtual machines. The managed firewall feature enables you to change and create firewall rule sets as needed for our environment.

Integrated Load Balancing

Load Balanced services are available by adding extra nodes to public IPs on the Customer Cloud network. Customers can perform load balancing, network address translation (NAT), and port address translation (PAT) on their Cloud nodes as needed.

Your Benefits

Private Network Integration

AVIANET Cloud Hosting solutions can be integrated with your existing private network. AVIANET handles the configuration, address management, and security concerns associated with interconnecting this hybrid environment. All network connections made via secure channels (Dedicated LAN-LAN, or Point-to-Point Circuit connections) that link only subscribed cloud resources to the enterprise network.

Multiple Environments Globally
AVIANET Cloud Hosting solutions located in top-tier Data Center facilities, selected through a strong partnership with leading facility providers, allowing our customers to create disaster recovery solutions and system redundancy across diverse facilities.
Physical Device Integration
Suppose you have an optimized database server or an application that runs better on a dedicated device. In that case, AVIANET Cloud Hosting can combined with your dedicated servers and managed from the same Web-based interface. Exposing this server in your cloud takes only a few minutes, and once a LAN-LAN connection established, you have complete control over these dedicated resources. Provides the best of both worlds; the elasticity of the cloud combined with security, compliance with dedicated hardware.
Security and Compliance
AVIANET Cloud Hosting solutions provide a secure foundation for your business applications and meet today’s critical compliance and certification requirements. For customers requiring more comprehensive security services on the cloud, our security experts can work with you to determine the appropriate security measures for your Cloud environment.

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