New Virtual Event Platform eliminates geographical barriers to reduce event costs and travel.

Exhibitions and events are still an effective way to connect businesses and stakeholders, but as budgets become even tighter, many industries are looking for ways to cut costs through digital solutions. The VEP not only brings people together regardless of their location with a virtual environment, but it also offers extended life to the hosted events, leading to the maximum ROIs.

VEP is not limited to exhibitions or roadshows. You can setup and organize different types of events including but not limited to sales kick-off meeting, panel discussion, new product launch, virtual training, job fairs, seminars and tradeshows, etc. In fact, VEP can be customized to accommodate any kind of event or gathering you wish to organize and engage with your internal teams, B2C or B2B contacts. Our senior product experts are readily available to provide you needed support to define your own use case relevant to your company.

Our customers have successfully implemented many different event types through our Virtual Event Platform, like:

Virtual Trainings

Tradeshows/ Roadshows

Host Based B2B Meetings

Live Panel Discussions

Sales Kick-off Meetings

Personalize your Event

A secure and self-service portal allows the organizers of the virtual events to create and customize whole virtual event setup and schedules on their own. They can invite and setup attendees according to their roles, like exhibitors, presenters, panellists, trainers, meeting hosts, etc. and setup their activity schedule. Any last minute schedule changes are possible with few simple clicks and changes are rolled out to everyone in real-time.

Event Lobby

Live Auditorium

Fast Tracking

On-Demand Auditorium

Real-time Chat

Panel Discussion Floor

Live Networking & Business Card Sharing

Live Q&A

User Profile

Virtual Meeting Room

Meeting Scheduler

Virtual Training Room

Exhibition Floor

Download Centre

How it works: VEP as a VR or Non-VR digital event platform

Key Benefits of AVIANET Virtual Event Platform

Event Organizers


Extended Events & ROI

Save on Travel & Lodging Costs

Global Availability

Efficient Time Management

Engaging Experience

Guaranteed Accessabillity to Key Stakeholders 

AI based Analytics & Reporting

Close-to-Reality Experience

Self Service Portal

Digital Sharing of Business Cards & Event Assets

Digitally Driven Interaction

Brings People together regardless their Location


Due to the customizability of your event package, which means you decide what modules you want in your event and how many of those, our prices are also individual and tailored according to your unique event. Thus, we can only give you a price range within which most of our cases fall.

The simplest package with, one virtual round table or panel discussion for a duration of 2-3 hours starts with around 1.000€

On average events hosted through our VEP 3D are around 5.000-10.000€

To request your personal package price contact us.

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