Turn your event into a memorable experience by offering state-of-the-art attendee networking.

Another solution offered under our Digital Event Platform is named as Digital Event Companion. The web and mobile-based solution offers event organizers a cost-effective and flexible way to make their physical events more visitor-centric and environmentally friendly. 

With thousands of events each year, organizers must find ways to make their event stand out among attendees. The Digital Event Companion puts all customer-facing information like programs, speaker profiles, exhibition maps and venue information into one, easy-to-manage progressive web app (PWA).  

Since all of the information is digitally managed in the Digital Event Companion and can be easily updated, events can be truly paperless. Any last-minute changes or small mistakes can be easily distributed without any reprinting of the updated programs or brochures 

The Digital Event Companion also puts attendees first with convenient, user-friendly features that make their event experience more modern, engaging and efficient. In addition to viewing venue information, programs and more, users can also create their own personalized schedules, save specific events, or arrange one-on-one meetings with event exhibitors. Organizers can also send push notifications to users when there is a last-minute schedule or venue change. 

The Digital Event Companion also features E-commerce and analytics capabilities. Directly within the app, users can purchase tickets, reserve seats at workshops, use discount codes, sign up to win door prizes or send direct feedback.

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Digitalize your physical events with full paperless workflow

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Reduced costs, maximize event visibility

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Strengthen your brand. Stay ahead of your competition

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No worries to announce last minutes updates – all goes via digital notifications

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