New Virtual Event Platform eliminates geographical barriers to reduce event costs and travel.

With this industry-agnostic solution, event organizers and exhibitors can harness the power of Virtual Reality (VR) and gamification to create interactive, online events that eliminate the need for common logistical and travel-related expenses.  

Exhibitions and events are still an effective way to connect businesses and stakeholders, but as budgets become even tighter, many industries are looking for ways to cut costs through digital solutions. The VEP brings people together regardless of their location with a virtual environment. Simply by using VR goggles, a VR Cardboard, or their preferred mobile or desktop computer, attendees can attend an event on the other side of the world from the comfort of their own office or home. 

The great thing about the VEP is that it opens up new audiences to event organizers. Most people don’t have a full day or more to dedicate to an industry event, so when one requires extensive travel, they simply choose not to go. Virtual events offer them another option. When a guest joins a fully-immersive virtual event, they feel like they are really there – and don’t waste a whole day getting there.

What you can rely on

Your Benefits

Global Access

Global accessibility & increased market penetration

Cost Effective

Reduced costs & logistics. Requires minimal manpower

Easy Adaptation

Fully flexible & adaptable as per the needs of your partners and customers

Digital Branding

Strengthen your brand. Stay ahead of your competition


Multi-purpose Event Platform, suitable to host all kind of events, including but not limited to tradeshows, roadshows, corporate trainings, job fairs, seminars, education, etc.


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