Our Services

Our more than 20 years of expertise in organizing events and roadshows globally, along with our innovative use of the latest technology have allowed us to develop this state-of-the-art DigitalEventPlatform  for you to use as a one-stop shop for all your digital marketing needs. Our Digital Event Platform lets your teams communicate with your B2B partners and end customers anytime, anywhere, and in any language you like, seamlessly and with the latest technology built on virtual reality and augmented reality. You can organize a full-fledged virtual exhibition with our Virtual Event Platform (VEP)  by inviting hundreds of your partners and customers to connect and participate virtually, or organize a smaller “Virtual Roadshow” with a limited number of attendees.  

If you are organizing a physical event, then our Digital Event Companion (DEC)  offers you a dynamic app and landing page solution for your physical events so that your staff and customers can enjoy the event’s agenda digitally from their mobile phones or PCs. 

All of our Digital Event Platform  solutions are available with fully customizable templates and apps, but you may also prefer to select one of our pre-designed templates for your events. 

Our Global Webinar is another service offered under our Digital Event Platform, offering both live and on-demand webcast options. The AVIANET webcast platform helps you proactively communicate and provide information to your audience anytime and anywhere around the world. It is a cloud-based SaaS platform that enables our customers to organize engaging audio and video webinar and webcasts based on an easy-to-use, secure and scalable environment for unlimited viewers.

Virtual Event Platform 3D

With this industry-agnostic solution, event organizers and exhibitors can harness the power of Virtual Reality (VR) and gamification to create interactive, online events that eliminate the need for common logistical and travel-related expenses.

Virtual Event Platform 2D

Fully web-based and intuitive, the VEP 2D boasts many of the same features of the 3D, VR-enabled version but is an even simpler, quicker way to hold a virtual event.


AVIANET offer Webinar services with both “Live” and “On-Demand” options, which help you communicate proactively and provide more information to your audience at anytime and anywhere around the world.

Digital Event Companion

With thousands of events each year, organizers must find ways to make their event stand out among attendees. The Digital Event Companion puts all customer-facing information like programs, speaker profiles, exhibition maps and venue information into one, easy-to-manage progressive web app (PWA).

Your Benefits

Controlled Costs

You will leverage organizing and attending high quality events with full scope of activities, and still save your travel and other logistic costs.

Improved Time Management

You are offering your attendees greater time management – where they can select to attend shortlisted Webinars, Keynotes, or one-to-one meetings based on their own time schedule.

Increased ROI

Our powerful reporting enables you to gain real-time insights into your events and meeting performance, and build up your follow-ups accordingly.

Webcast for events

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