AVIANET delivers high quality AR / VR content

Today, manufacturing and other industries are trying to improve their competitiveness by combining manufacturing and other business processes per se with information technology. Virtual Reality is being used in training of technical workforce, machine maintenance, product development processes across enterprises as a helpful technology to achieve rapid consolidation of information and decision-making through visualization and experience.

We enable our partners and customers to revolutionize their business through novel visualization techniques

  • Developing VR / AR based experience for AI applications and platforms


  • Complete Video Post-Production Services


  • 360° Videos & 360° Live Broadcast


  • Augmented Reality / Immersive Virtual Reality / Mixed Reality Development & Integration


  • Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation Integration


  • Stereoscopic Content


  • CGI Animation & Graphics


  • Supporting Partners solutions to enable predict failures, collaborative repair & maintenance across different customer scenarios
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Show Cases

Augmented Reality, Voice & Touch

Today, manufacturing industries are combining manufacturing processes with information technology to prevent the downtime and to improve the operations efficiency. The following clip will show you the different ways of maintenance operation in the past and the maintenance operation now by using Augmented Reality. You will also get information of how AVIANET can support you.

The following story board was developed by Open Text, Accenture and AVIANET together under the joint initiative of “IoT Echo System Partners” for our valued customers across MRO sector.

Your Benefits


  • Bullet proof protection far exceeding compliance requirements.


  • AWS enterprise compatibility with support for broad range of operating systems and business application.

Low Expenses

  • Massively reduce your CAPEX outlay and monthly OPEX by consolidating all business communications in the cloud with AVIANET.

Extant Service

  • Private compute pools for guaranteed resource availability.
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