We enables you managing connectivity and security

AVIANET is well experienced in end-to-end integration with all IT and Telecommunications Technology Services needed at the airport.      Our integrated framework enables you managing connectivity and security across airport facilities, systems, users and network edge elements. Sustainability and reliability are crucial elements of this framework.

Our IT integration approach will integrate any airport with traditional airport services such as DCSs and the whole range of on-demand business and IT resources tailored specifically for the industry.                    As a completely new approach to air transport IT, our A-Cloud platform provides infrastructure, desktop, software and platform as-a-service offerings among others.

Our Diverse Integration Capabilities

Airports are able to obtain AVIANET IT Integration Solutions through

several models. AVIANET offers a variety of managed services and

options for outsourcing parts of your IT according to your needs,

including management and transfer of people and goods.

Airport ICT Services

Your Upsell Opportunity

Become an IT and telecommunications service provider to your tenants which is an advantage of our IT integration approach. The architecture is designed to optimize the management and commercial exploitation of these services. 

Typical offerings include:

Voice Solutions

  • Communications, landline and handset

Data Solutions

  • Internet access, IP port and LAN-to-LAN interconnection

Wi-Fi Solutions

  •  In-terminal or for dedicated usage

Digital Services

  • with Mobile & Web integration

Virtual & Augmented Reality

  • with 2D/ 3D Modules integration for your Airport experience

Your Benefits


Align Several Needs by Airport Transformation.


Improve Your Availability and Service Management.


Complete Visibility.

Increase of Revenue

Concentrate New Revenue Streams While Reducing Operational Costs.

Webcast for events

Let's experience something greater together!