What Strategies Does Event Industry Should Use To Combat In Pandemic?

Because of the disruption generated by Pandemic, the world of events and experiential marketing has shifted dramatically. Sustaining event agencies with little or no income has been a huge struggle since the outbreak began, and it’s only become worse as lockdowns and night curfews have been implemented, forcing all on-ground activations to be pushed to later in the year.

While the epidemic has caused the industry press to take a break from covering live events, it hasn’t prevented them from trying to find a way to keep going. Here’s what event planners had to say about pandemic resurrection and their efforts to combat the second wave:

The onslaught of the second wave has transformed the picture for the event & experience business just as things were looking up and there was a chance of returning to normalcy. It’s been a year since the initial shutdown, and event providers are struggling to stay afloat with little or no revenue. Customers, dealers, suppliers, and workers all require constant communication from brands. Some of us have adapted to virtual platforms in order to supply brands and projects with effective solutions. Despite the fact that virtual events have fewer touch points, they are here to stay due to cost savings and a wider reach.

The covid-19 in the world is unprecedented, and it will have a negative influence on the experiential industry. We were looking forward to getting back on the ground when the immunizations were distributed, but that seems a long way off today. With the debut of percept due to the lockout, clients had no choice but to shift into the virtual space, and our digital events company jumped forward in 2020-21.

We’ve successfully managed hundreds of creative Virtual events for a wide range of clients so far, and we want to expand our business portfolio until the pandemic is over.

We intend to offer many more unique solutions in the virtual arena for our clients, leveraging our expertise in creating tailored comprehensive Content choices. We’re also investing substantially in high-end Digital Technology Tools that will provide out-of-the-box virtual events 2d, virtual events 3d. Events to help our clients scale up their end product and achieve the intended impact / result.

It goes without saying that, like all other industries, the events and experiences industry has seen a dropin activity since March’20, with a drop in activities bringing on-ground events to a total standstill, generating consequences throughout all elements of the industry. The arrival of the 2nd wave shattered ambitions and aspirations of our Industry’s specialists, postponing the recovery process once again.

Adapting and innovating are the only ways to overcome or at the very least endure these obstacles at this time. We should be like a chameleon, absorbing the color of whichever surface we’re on. Research fresh ways to serve your TG, Brands, and Clients, and you’ll be able to swim safely to the beach.

Having said that, my team and I have a strategy in place, and the strategy is working well, resulting in some significant benefits and insights in the current situation. We’ve brought live events to the virtual world, giving brands and clients a way to communicate with their audiences through various platforms.

The pandemic wave is undoubtedly having an influence, but I believe it is also inspiring each of us to go outside the box and discover new and imaginative ways to use the virtual mediums at our disposal, as well as to create new opportunities in the virtual arena. This will be the new normal in the future.

By being original, creative, and creating possibilities to give unique experiences to users/viewers, the event and entertainment industry’s new road map will be defined by overall and customized experiences. One Page Spotlight aspires to be a one-stop shop for the global creative community.

Many firms have used virtual event solutions to avoid going bankrupt during the pandemic’s halt and continue to generate revenue. Virtual event platforms proved in handy for many people when the world came to a halt and lockdown was imposed.


Every day, virtual event platforms improve to provide the finest possible solutions to companies and organizations. To give real-life event experiences to attendees, virtual platforms have been interwoven with the essence of live physical events, from networking to engagement tools. Gamification features have been added to virtual event platforms to increase excitement and participation during the event, keeping attendees engaged throughout. Various new ideas, including as social walls, photo booths, and leaderboard challenges, have been developed by tech professionals to break up the monotony of extended virtual meetings.

With the pandemic, the event industry is poised to fight back and provide more creative solutions to the globe that can be enjoyed straight from the comfort of one’s own home while maintaining the highest level of security.


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