Virtual Exhibition – What is it and how to use it?

More and more businesses started utilizing online communication tools to host their virtual events. Virtual Exhibitions and events can have many purposes and benefits for companies such as virtual tradeshows, product launches, networking events, workshops and virtual training. While physical events are often very pricy and due to COVID inheriting more and more challenges, virtual events are a great way to keep business going and make use of just another marketing and sales funnel.

In this blog post, we continue to look at the different modules you can choose for your virtual event using our Virtual Event Platform 2D. So let’s clarify the key aspects of the selected module and give some use cases for a better understanding. Today’s topic is a virtual exhibition.

The Virtual Exhibition Area is an online hall where exhibitions can highlight their products and services as if in a real trade show or fair. Multiple exhibitors can be assigned to booths where they have the possibility to share presentations and videos about their product or service or company. Additionally, they can interact with visitors through text or video calls and provide more information. Lastly, visitors can, as in a physical fair, collect material such as flyers, brochures, which the exhibitor provides. This will automatically be downloaded to their device.

Key aspects:

  • Booths for exhibitors
  • Possibility to share presentations, marketing materials, brochures and videos
  • Company description section
  • Download possibility of booth material
  • Interaction between exhibitor and visitor via text chat or video call with screen sharing function
  • Poling and rating are available for each booth

Use Case:

This module is commonly used to display certain aspects of a business. It allows a company such as an organization to display multiple companies; e.g. virtual job fair. Other good examples in education are Virtual Open Houses, Parents’ Day, or Academic Fairs, during which the university may have booths for each faculty or program that provide participants with quick access to all necessary information and the ability to contact a booth representative if they have questions.

The organizer can host many different businesses, which each can highlight their products and services. Virtual Event Platform 2D offers three different types of booths: standard, gold and premium, so event organizers can easily differentiate exhibitors with different booths.

The Exhibition Hall is also a great way to host networking events. A company can invite representatives from different niches to display their business. Companies can then interact with each other and make new business connections.

To sum it up, this is most commonly used as an add-on to each of the modules. It is a great way to display multiple companies, products or concepts to a broad audience.

AVIANET VEP 2D is a flexible and fully customizable virtual event platform that allows event organizers to use any modules needed according to their event scope. So if that is what you are looking for, get in touch with us today and request your demo call!