Manufacturing Use Cases

  • Product Prototyping, Design and Development
  • Streamline workflow process to evaluate prototypes.
  • Render stunning virtual prototypes at true optical scale
  • Simulate workplace environments, safety hazards or machinery operation to ensure effective safety training
  • Maintenance, Repair and Operations of Equipment
  • Providing just-in-time instruction on how to perform specific maintenance and repair tasks
  • Embed 3D simulations into mid-level e-learning/ training programs for experienced workers

Retail & Fashion Use Cases

  • Virtual Collections/ Boutiques – Made to order, Made to Measure, Masscustomised
  • Virtual Personalised Product Configurator, In-Store andWeb
  • Provide more information about the company and product
  • Product design process for companies and independent designers to accurately predict individual needs and productdemands
  • Luxury Fashion ShoppingAssistant
  • Branding – VR enabled catalogues, VR ramp walks and fashionshows

Tourism Use Cases

  • VR / AR based “Online Tradeshows/ Exhibitions”
  • VR / AR experiences for Marketing Promotion
  • VR / AR experiences for travel hospitality




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