The Story Of Hybrid Event Has Just Gone Viral!

Online events have been the norm for large conventions and gatherings over the past two year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was difficult to host an event in person for several months. Due to the threat to public safety, large in-person events remain rare.

For many months, virtual events have been a reliable, safe and accessible way for groups of people to meet. Online events, which were at times rushed and unprofessional in the early days of the pandemic, have become more engaging and memorable over time. Sometimes, they are even better than their in-person counterparts.

Most people believed that online events would be temporary at the beginning of the pandemic. However, this may not be true anymore. Virtual conventions have been successful in their own right and many companies won’t be reluctant to return to in-person meetings. Online events are not only more affordable, but also more accessible and inclusive to all attendees.

However, this doesn’t diminish the enthusiasm of many people who are eager to return to in-person events. Meetings in person are a great way for people to meet new people and interact socially. After the pandemic has ended, many people will want to get out of their homes and attend conferences in person.

What if there were a way to make everyone happy while still achieving the best of both worlds. What if you could allow people who are unable to travel to your event, but also allow them to attend in person? There is an alternative, the hybrid.


Hybrid Event The Alternative?

Hybrid events combine elements from both online and in-person events. Hybrid events combine elements of both in-person and online events. The hybrid event allows people to attend in person, but also offers an online option for those who are unable. The virtual element usually consists of a live stream of an event so that people can view it from wherever they may be.

Companies can host a variety of audiences with a hybrid event. The content is often the same for both online and in-person attendees, so everyone can enjoy the same experience. This makes it easier for your audience to attend events, and will result in higher attendance rates.


What is Important in that?

Because they are growing in popularity at an alarming rate, they matter. Hybrid events are becoming increasingly popular and very successful. Many of the largest conventions in 2022 were hybrid events. They have proven to be extremely productive and efficient.

Globe had the expectation that its 2019 convention would feature a hybrid format. AVIANET is the most popular streaming platform in the world. These expectations were met. The conference hosted by the streaming service was professional and engaging. It welcomed 28,000 people, as well as the hundreds of thousands who watched the live stream. This hybrid event was unique in that it attracted more people than other conventions in the same area.

Riot Games’ League of Legends Tournament, Paris, is another 2019 event that helped to pave the way towards hybrid events in 2021. The competition was attended by 15,000 spectators in person and over 100,000,000 viewers online.

Apple has been shifting to hybrid events for its special events, where it gives demos and announces new products. People who wish to attend the event can now do so in person, while those who cannot can watch it online can.



These impressive statistics will help you decide if hybrids are a viable option for your business.

  • 75% companies with more than 5,000 employees include hybrid events in their portfolios.
  • 97% marketers believe 2022 will be a game-changer for the hybrid events market.
  • 89% B2B companies saw an increase in the ROI of hybrid events within six months of hosting them.
  • 98% Virtual attendees claim they wouldn’t have attended hybrid events if it weren’t for the online option.

These numbers make it difficult to overlook the potential for hybrid events in the near future. A majority of companies host hybrid events and audiences appreciate the ability to go online. It’s unlikely that 100% in-person events, or even 100% virtual events, will disappear completely in the future. It is possible that hybrid events will become more popular as they cater to all the needs and wants of people rather than just one option.