5 Creative ways to integrate sponsorship into your online webinar to improve ROI

Online webinars are on the rise when it comes to delivering value, having trainings and gaining new costumers. Webinars give you the chance to create and deliver high-quality visual content that can have a positive impact on your audience as well as opens ways for monetization opportunities through sponsors. Sponsored webinars give you the chance to take questions from your audience and answer those as well as showcase your sponsors as an authority when it comes to providing solutions to your costumers main problems.

Without physical space to highlight sponsor branding and content, how is it possible to integrate sponsorship into your online webinar, you might wonder. Whether it is an in-person or digital event, the philosophy behind sponsorship integration remains the same. So, let us present you some unique and creative ideas to include sponsorship into your online event.

  • Featuring market leaders
    • Providing sponsored workshops or presentations where attendees can learn from the best in the market is the first opportunity to integrate sponsorship into your webinar. You may want to ask your sponsor to prepare a speech, set up a short activity related to the webinar topic or provide some unique content that can be showcased in the sponsored webinar are great ways to draw attention to your sponsor.
  • Games and Prices (Leadership panel)
    • Another way to raise awareness around your webinar sponsor and include multiple sponsors into one event are games and prices. For example, you as the webinar host could run activities where attendees can collect points and rank according to their performance. The winner than gets a price your sponsors provide.
  • Q&A Sessions and VIP Rooms
    • You could also ask your sponsor to actively participate in your webinar and create VIP breakout rooms so they can talk in depth with potential clients. Furthermore, you could provide a Q&A threat according to a topic related to your sponsor and have all visitors contribute to the conversation while providing answers.
  • Goodie bags
    • Providing goodie bags with sponsored elements could be a wonderful way to draw more attention to those sponsoring companies. The goodie bags for your sponsored webinar could be either physical or virtual. You could send them a little gift bag prior to the event which includes some sponsored articles. Alternatively, you would give them digital products like e-books, tools or templates that carry sponsor branding.
  • Videos and audios
    • If you choose to host your webinar with a virtual event platform provider like AVIANET, there is the opportunity to have branded content placed on specific spaces in the platform. For example, you can have booths displaying video or audio content related to your sponsor, you could integrate logos, presentations or set up meeting rooms where sponsors can chat with the attendees of the event. This opens up a completely new way to run sponsored webinars or sponsored online events in general.

How does a Virtual Webinar Platform work?

AVIANET provides a virtual event platform including a live webinar tool. While the platform is set up to host even more modules like live presentations, on demand presentation and panel discussions, you can also choose to just host your webinar there. As the platform is, a fully developed virtual application there is room for branding and customization like inserting logos or branded content all across the platform, from the landing page over the event hall to the webinar room.

To get a better impression and feel of how a sponsored webinar could look like with the AVIANET Webinar Solution, request a demo call with our team.

More tips for a successful sponsored webinar:

  • Select invites related to your sponsors
    • Nothing sucks more than having a room full of sponsors but no one interested in their products or services. Therefore, before you send out those invitations for your sponsored webinar consider the topic and content covered as well as the niche and industry of your sponsors. You want to invite people who are really interested in what your partners provide and thus highly engaging with them on your virtual event.
  • Collect Data
    • You want to make sure to collect all the analytics around your virtual webinar so you can then share the data with your sponsors. The good thing with virtual event platforms is that they usual come with integrated analytic measurements. However, you want to make sure that especially emails, interactions and activities are tracked accordingly so you can tell your partners who spoke with how, how long and when. You also want to provide them the email and contact details about the prospects that approached a sponsoring partner so they can get in touch.
  • Cross promote your partners
    • Furthermore, it is worth considering cross promoting your partners in any speech, presentation or activity that you are running. This way attendees become more and more aware of your partnership and start to gain interest in the sponsoring brand especially when this company is providing solutions for their struggles. Make sure to not overdue it though as there is a fine line between rewarding and annoying promotion.

Final note:

The more thought you put into showcasing your sponsor in your virtual webinar and the more creative you are with coming up with ways to integrate them into your event the easier it will be to inspire them to invest into your webinar.

So take your time to consider all aspects and view the event from different perspectives such as your partners and the visitors view and experience of this webinar. Ask yourself is their needs are met. If you can make sure they are, you will run a successful sponsored webinar, without doubt.

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