Managed Network Connectivity Solutions

In today’s business rules, your organization likely work across different geographical locations and time zones. Likewise, your staff expects the same working environment and access levels from anywhere and everywhere. Connecting those globally spread offices and staff, including your customers and suppliers - is a serious business!

Your business applications and data flow demand a reliable and secure global connectivity that must perform efficiently and consistently. Selecting the right partner to deliver and support your global IP network is the key to lead your global competition.


AVIANET provides fully managed IP Network Connectivity solutions to Airlines and global businesses worldwide. Our Network Connectivity solutions are based on AVIANET’s strong and careful selection of the best breed telekom partners and technologies - all in a carrier and vendor neutral environment, and make it possible to connect your offices, employees, partners, and customers in a highly reliable, secure and flexible way. This gives your people easy and stable access to vital applications and information, from anywhere and anytime, helping them become more productive, and ultimately helping your organization become more competitive.

Let Experts Manage Your Network

Succeeding in this competitive business environment requires flexibility, agility, and focus. Airlines and other global enterprises cannot afford to get sidetracked by issues like managing separate Internet Services Provider (ISP) for each geographical location, keeping track of out of support devices, and monitoring corporate networks.

Managing networks for leading airlines and global enterprises is our business. We have more than 15 years of experience delivering Managed IP Network Connectivity services. We can help you understand the core elements driving your global communication networks and implement a strategy to improve your reach, performance, capacity, and reliability.

By allowing a trusted partner to manage your network assets, you can control CAPEX and staff levels, and keep your focus on your key business goals. Our expert teams and tools can help you efficiently evaluate and incorporate emerging technologies, and accommodate your most demanding business requirements – including managing third-party networks. You can decide about the engagement scope of AVIANET, from simple network monitoring up to complex network outsourcing services.



With more than 15 years of existence, our AVIANET team for Managed Network Connectivity Solutions is the expert  at your side during all steps of understanding, planning, implementing and reviewing of your customized network connectivity solution.

During its years of operation, AVIANET has set up a global office-network in 47 countries worldwide. Being complemented by a global network of carefully selected best breed telekom providers and technologies, AVIANET can deliver its Network Connectivity Solutions in a reliable, secure and flexible way at any geographical location you might need them to be. Ultimately, our global IT solutions can translate to greater business efficiencies and control.

Unlike some competitors that are bound to certain telecom providers and solutions, AVIANET  takes a more neutral approach. Our teams are certified to work with a wide variety of vendor technologies ranging from the largest provider in any respective space up to the niche provider, purely depending upon a customer’s particular needs.

In short, those who succeed are those who adapt, advance, and transform. With AVIANET Managed Network Connectivity Solutions, we can help your global enterprise do just that whilst allowing for your business continuity at the same time.


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