Virtualised Disaster Recovery (VDR) Service: Flexible Safety.

Data, applications and operating systems are a crucial component of businesses with highly virtualised environments. To protect their businesses against system failures due to power outages or other catastrophic events at local facilities, companies need a disaster-recovery strategy. In this context, AVIANET’s Virtual Disaster Recovery (VDR) is the most flexible and cost-sensitive solution.


Since demand for recovery systems for data and applications is growing by 20–40% per year, companies with highly virtualised environments particularly need to raise their standards without straining their budgets. At the same time, network structures are becoming more and more complex and company IT departments are often overworked. In addition, globally operating companies have an especially low tolerance for down time. When you choose the VDR service by AVIANET, your company is adopting a predictable, verifiable, repeated and regularly tested disaster recovery strategy. Our customers only have to invest in reserving resources like CPU, memory, storage and networking capacity in their private infrastructure. We design and configure a complete failover process. Monitor replication and test failover capability provide additional security. With our storage-replication-only solution, AVIANET also allows you to replicate your data without implementing the complete disaster-recovery process.

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These characteristics ensure that VDR by AVIANET also secures your company’s data:

  • Cloud-based DR delivery model
    • Low RTO and RPO (warm DR site)
    • Dedicated computing, storage and network resources (burst-enabled) that are available on-demand, backed by an availability SLA of 99.9%
    • Pay-as-you-go pricing
    • Easy, cost-efficient DR testing
  • DataReplicationAlternatives
  • Extensive cloud and DR experience
  • Affordable DR professional services
  • Backup
    • Enterprise cloud backup
    • Backup and restore (DBR)


The advantages at a glance – here is how you benefit by choosing VDR from AVIANET:

  • Secure multi-tenant architecture
  • Available to customers on a global basis
  • Each customer has a virtual private environment
  • Annual testing included
  • Three types of replication (hypervisor-, array-, and application-based)
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