VDI: Accessible Scalability

Improve your business fluidity with AVIANET VDI Computing Solutions, and propel your business forward in ways you never thought before!


After a long process of research, development and careful selection of strategic partners, AVIANET has overcome the pain points of multi component technologies (servers, storage, network, thin clients and virtualization software).  AVIANET provide all those technologies within the integrated DC environments, where the AVIANET Cloud Infrastructure is hosted.

Our VDI solution provides incremental scalability from proof of concept to production providing you predictable ROI and eliminating the need for large up front investments. At the same time VDI adaptation allow your users to access corporate applications and data from anywhere and anytime, and with highest data protection guarantees than ever.

AVIANET VDI deployments starting from as small as 100 desktops and growing into the thousands, bringing all benefits of high availability, high performance and load balancing from our Enterprise grade Cloud Infrastructure.


Featured Services

Key Features of our AVIANET VDI Solution:

  • User & Application Analysis
  • Application Rationalization
  • Dimensions of Usage
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Network and Logon Analysis
  • Disk IOPS
  • Device Audit
  • GDI Usage
  • User Profiling

Integration with App-DNA


Key benefits of our AVIANET VDI Solution:

  • Virtual Private Cloud architecture
  • Powered by VMware vSphere
  • Private compute pools guarantee resources
  • Burst mode for dynamic scale
  • Secure, auditable and compliant
  • Physical device integration
  • Private network integration
  • Full-featured RESTful API

Available as dedicated Aviation private cloud

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