E-Cloud: A Private Environment.

Companies seeking to expand their IT infrastructure also want to protect their data in an affordable and secure way. They need a discrete pool of agile and scalable compute resources in which they create and manage their own virtual servers. With our Virtual Disaster Recovery and Co-Location Services, AVIANET offers a complete and comprehensive one-stop e-cloud strategy.


More and more companies see cloud-computing initiatives as a critical part of their IT strategy. They need the balance of flexibility and scale offered by infrastructure-as-a-service for mission-critical applications and websites. Other requirements include the integration of legacy systems, private networks and regulatory compliance requests. The AVIANET Enterprise Cloud Strategy offers companies a private virtual cloud environment with guaranteed resource availability and a user-friendly dashboard that allows point-and-click migration to the cloud and back. Existing applications, networking, tools or policies do not need to be modified. In addition, full network extension and configurability is available for business at any time. With a broad global presence, we can offer a strong and cost-effective cloud approach that will particularly appeal to companies operating on a worldwide basis.

Featured Services

With these features, AVIANET offers you a comprehensive e-cloud strategy:

  • World’s leading partner network
  • Top-tier data centres
  • Connectivity to 160+ networks
  • Enterprise-class services
  • High-performance SAN storage
  • Enterprise interoperability
  • Enhanced security solutions
  • E-Cloud web portal


The following advantages will convince you to implement the AVIANET E-Cloud Strategy:

  • Increased business agility
  • Cost-effective scalability
  • OpEx-based model
  • High availability SLAs
  • Increased security
  • Virtual private cloud, production ready and highly available
  • Continuous development / improvement
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