A-Cloud: A Private Environment.

The standardization of IT, the ever-increasing adoption of internet, mobile platforms and social media, strong competition, and the frequent economic downturns, are a number of favorable trends supporting Cloud Computing as a major IT Transformation within Aviation industry.

For Aviation industry, a move towards Cloud Computing is a serious matter. Our long track record of successfully servicing this sector offers the required confidence and knowledge about its specific needs, which is vital for taking the right decisions regarding this challenging transformation of its IT Infrastructure.


AVIANET has specifically designed a dedicated Aviation Cloud Hosting Infrastructure with its unique identity as “A-Cloud”. Our Aviation clients enjoy a fully managed and dedicated community-like Cloud platform, which offers them the maximum flexibility, adaptability, customization, compliance, security, and global availability, bundled with our multi-tier support services.

With AVIANET A-Cloud Hosting solutions, you can benefit from the full advantages of this new transformation practice without restricting yourself to any industry specific dependencies and monopolies. Start today and leverage from an industry grade Cloud Hosting solution, with all benefits of the new technology, including huge cost cuttings, and flexible contractual terms.


Featured Services

Key Features of our A-Cloud Solution:

  • Hosted at Top-tier Datacenters across Europe, US, and APAC regions;
  • High-performance SAN storage;
  • Enterprise Interoperability;
    • Private network integration;
    • Physical device integration;
    • Hybrid solutions;
  • Enhanced Security Solutions;
  • Connectivity to 100 plus IP Networks;

Enterprise-class SLAs



AVIANET A-Cloud Hosting Solutions offer clear advantages – allowing our aviation customers capitalize on these and overcoming the market challenges.

  • The pay-as-you-go model offers the greater transparency on your IT spending;
  • Lower upfront investment with increased ROI leads to quicker paybacks;
  • Immediate scalability leads to accelerated deployments whenever needed;
  • Greater flexibility offers greater focus on core competencies;
  • Full integration with any Aviation related application;
  • Multi locations DC facilities globally offer the greater redundancy options;
  • Fully tested and customized VDI solution offer complete end-to-end solution for your IT usage;
  • Self-Service Portal allows you to always be aware of your actual usage and impacts on business;

Managed Service Desk (24x7x365 days) from five state of the art Service Centers globally allow you receive real-time support services for your infrastructure


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