Risk and Compliance Services

Dynamic. Globally distributed. Internet-worked. These are typical attributes for today's businesses. Often they have to comply to different compliance guidelines and business regulations. This can become a complex and costly undertaking as maintaining appropriate security is a challenge. AVIANET Risk and Compliance Services guides you through the jungle of guidelines and regulations.


AVIANET Risk and Compliance Services are services that go beyond our Infrastructure and Information Security Services. They help you in managing compliance initiatives and business risks. Nowadays, many organizations ask for becoming compliant with their guidelines. Often that is a time-consuming and challenging task. But AVIANET Risk and Compliance Services support you during the whole process. 

Through multiple compliance activities, including on-site assessments, self-assessment questionnaires, vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, and wireless analyzer reviews, you will also get an overview of the security status across your organization – helping identify other areas that may need improvement.

Featured Services

AVIANET Risk and Compliance Services include following offerings:

  • PCI DSS Compliance




Benefits of AVIANET Risk and Compliance Services are the following:

  • Cost-effective solution for demonstrationg compliance and identifying risks
  • Complexity-reducing activites for concentrating on business
  • Compliance certificates issued by independent third-party




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