Information Security Services

AVIANET Information Security Services ensure that your data and applications are used in line with your set security standards. We help you to maintain that only authorized users have access to your information. In addition, we support you in finding right solutions for the integration of steadily increasing amounts of data and applications. Be proactive and identify threats and vulnerabilities before they can great negative impact on your business. Thus, choose AVIANET Information Security Services.


AVIANET Information Security Services supports you in running your business without struggling with security threats. In a fast developping business enviroment, steadily increasing amounts of data and applications can be a challenge. We help to classify and integrate those information into your business processes.

In addition, we ensure that you maintain an overview of the users. Better know how your information is used to stop crime before can harm your organization. Think of your employees, partners, and suppliers – should they all have the same access to your corporate data? It is better to control the level of data to not lead anybody in temptation.

Our approach is customized: tailored to your needs and requirements. Your information security is our objective. We will help you to maintain a secure environment with ongoing assessments and programs.

Featured Services

Our Information Security Services focus on the following key areas:

  • Access Governance Assessment
  • Application Performance Testing
  • Threat and Vulnerability Services
  • Vulnerability Assessment




Benefits of AVIANET Information Security Services include the following: 

  • Ensure that your application delivers best performance
  • Identify information security risks occurring through Internet-driven traffic
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