Managed IT Infrastructure Services: Flexible Stability.

Reliability. Stability. Responsiveness. In todays’ competitive markets IT Infrastructures of Airlines and business enterprises need to bring along all of that, whilst being highly cost-effective at the same time in order to be able to respond rapidly to the continuously changing market and business conditions. In an end-to-end approach, AVIANET Managed IT Professional Services bring all these to your business.


Highly competitive business environments coupled with frequent economic challenges demand airlines and business enterprises to do more with less. Only a cost-efficient, highly flexible and scalable IT Infrastructure model allows airlines and business enterprises respond quickly to market changes, improve operational efficiencies, elevate performance and jump-start new growth.

AVIANET understands that, being not the core of their mission, professional management of IT Infrastructure through a specialized service provider is an appealing option for enterprises.  Whilst reducing costs, our IT Infrastructure services provide a management model whereby you can easily move away from complex IT environments and instead, have highly scalable, agile, reliable and responsive IT setup fitting your business needs. From strategy and design to ongoing operational support, we enable you to develop a more cost-effective, secure and responsive IT Infrastructure that quickly scales and adapts to your business needs, thereby  achieving highly performing IT that cuts costs and sustains profitability.

Featured Services

AVIANET Managed IT Infrastructure Services provide ongoing end-to-end management of IT infrastructure functions, as well as capacity services to support and enhance your existing IT capabilities. With global sourcing and delivery capabilities, as well as unmatched industry knowledge and insights, AVIANET help your business create a cost effective, secure and responsive IT Infrastructure that scales and adapts to your business needs.

AVIANET Managed IT Infrastructure Services include following offerings:

  • Global IT Infrastructure Support
  • Global End User Outsourcing
  • Enterprise Service Desk with Global Coverage
  • Incident & Request Management
  • Problem & Change Management
  • Service Level Management
  • Anti-virus Management
  • Application Packaging
  • Patch Management
  • Software Distribution
  • Vendor Management



AVIANET Managed IT Infrastructure Services provide the following benefits:

  • Global footprint
  • Expert Service Desk agents
  • Single point of contact (SPoC) Service Desk
  • Complete range of IT Infrastructure management services
  • Maintain user productivity and reduce end-user downtimes
  • Improved asset utilization and management of IT services
  • Known IT management costs
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