IT Professional Services

AVIANET IT Professional Services have helped some of the world's leading Airlines and Enterprises overcome the ever-present challenges associated with managing geographically dispersed locations, teams, technologies and evolving business processes.

There’s a Good Reason Global Airlines and Leading Enterprises Entrust Their Geographically Dispersed IT Infrastructure Management to AVIANET - Because We Deliver.



Businesses have become global, dynamic, and increasingly mobile. Customers raise demands at frequent pace - and those must be met in real-time. In reality, emerging opportunities also represent new risks, as enterprises are required to share sensitive information across limitless borders. The systems and applications that so readily connect customers, vendors, partners, and also the employees, naturally, present challenges in both integration and management cycle.

This “NEW WAY – WORK SMART” approach requires that businesses become more collaborative up and down the value chain. Consolidate budgets, supply chains, and control mechanisms. Utilize smart solutions to conduct business anywhere, and any time. Accelerate the standardization of intelligent business models, and leverage established partnerships with technology providers that can offer the support and expertise necessary to run non-core functions - so that their teams can focus on core competencies and the business at hand.

Our expertise spans a broad range of technologies and disciplines that resonate with aviation and other global enterprises: IT Infrastructure Services; End User Computing; Global Turn-Key IT Delivery; Data & Voice Networking; Cloud Services; Server, Application, and Data Center Monitoring and Management; Mobility Solutions; and End-to-End Security. We recognize that maintaining such multifaceted infrastructures internally can be costly, complex, and can divert valuable focus and resources. We’re dedicated to collaborating with multinational corporations to make smarter decisions about how they manage these functions - and how they source, fund, and leverage technology to achieve business goals.



Apart from Technology benefits, our global solutions teams offer multinational enterprises the accountability necessary to integrate their Information & Communications Technology (ICT) services and confirm they are working as intended, and delivering on a global scale.

As a single provider, AVIANET can help businesses affect change quickly and cost effectively by reducing the complexity associated with multi-vendor change management processes. We have a successful track record of leading and executing successful client engagements requiring the delivery of complex ICT solutions and adoption of best practice service delivery. Ultimately, our global IT solutions can translate to greater business efficiencies and control.

Unlike some competitors that come to market with consulting services designed around a single vendor’s technology, AVIANET takes a more neutral approach. Our teams are certified to work with a wide variety of vendor technologies ranging from the largest provider in any respective space up to the niche provider, purely depending upon a customer’s particular needs.

In short, those who succeed are those who adapt, advance, and transform. With AVIANET IT Professional Services, we can help your global enterprise do just that. AVIANET has proven itself such a partner to Aviation and other multinational corporations around the globe.

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