The relevance of Digital Events in 2020: Stay connected and boost your Business in Corona Times

COVID-19 changed all our lives. Businesses and people alike had to come up with different ways of living, engaging and doing business. Especially for the event industry as well as engagement rates, things got difficult after lockdown and restrictive rules apply on public safety. However, business must go on and that is where the importance of digital events in 2020 comes in. Going virtual with business meetings, conferences, fairs and trainings is a huge lifesaver and allows businesses to continue connecting with partners and clients without geographical limitations. In the following, we will explain more about the relevance of Digital Events, and how your company can use this opportunity to get back into business.

Difficulties for Events in Corona:

Like mentioned in the introduction, businesses face multiple challenges around get-togethers, meetings and conferences in the age of CORONA. Amongst them are:

Limited amount of attendees

These days’ large gatherings like business conferences, fairs, meetings or any other event for that matter are complicated to set up. A big part in this plays the limited amount of attendees, which are almost never enough for real, ROI generating business events. Along with that different personal norms and values due to individual perception, fear and worry of this threatening circumstance are an obstacle to bring people together in person these days.

Restrictions and strict rules

Another limitation for in person events are the strict rules and guidelines according to which events have to be set up. Amongst them are hygiene, distance and facemasks. Another big problem plays the importance of data collection for tracking. Businesses would have to put in way more resources and time for preparation if even allowed hosting the event.

Travel issues

Another big obstacle and probably the one most threatening is the travel restrictions. Up to this point, borders internationally are still closed which makes it hard to meet up on a global level. Especially for businesses, operating in different regions this is a serious problem.

However, a simple solution can help businesses overcome all of those and even more barriers COVID brought into their way.

How digital events solve this problem?

This solution is called VIRTUAL EVENT PLATFORM. There are various reasons for going digital in your next event and those are:

No traveling required

Hosting your event with a digital platform makes traveling unnecessary. Your clients, partners, colleges and speakers can simply attend the event from the comfort of their homes. This way closed borders are no longer a barrier but rather an inconvenience.

No personal contact thus no restrictions

Digital Events have another huge advantage, which is the fact that all rules and guidelines set up for in person events fall away. If everyone is attending the event from their homes there is no personal contact and thus no restrictions. Attendees of the event can limitless connect and engage with each other without having to fear about getting unhealthy.

Personal feeling through video calls

The biggest concern with virtual events is the lack of personal interaction. However live presentations and live video chats enable one another to have in depth conversations with a personal feel to it.

Unlimited amount of attendees even beyond what physical events can hold

Obviously this depends on the service you choose for your digital event, however potential is high that a virtual event platform can hold greater potential in terms of number of attendees than any physical venue can. Especially now that there are participation amount limitations to gatherings, going digital is the way to do it without having to cut back on your invitation list.

Barrier less interaction

Overall, you could say Digital Events are the solution to all business challenges in terms of pushing growth, engagement and sales higher. There are thousands of different ways, in which your company can host their virtual event and thus drive sales. It is on you to be creative how you want to bring people in your industry together.

Now that the importance of Digital events is covered, the only question remaining is how to get started.

3 steps to get to your first online event

Research for your platform

Once you have decided to go digital on your next event, it is time to research some companies that provide virtual event platforms. Obviously, there is a huge difference in the offering and services provided by each so keep in mind what you want to do in your event and what you need in an event platform.

Get on a call + request a demo

The second step is to get on a call with the company providing the platform of your interest and request details and a demo as well as discuss further detail. If our AVIANET Virtual Event Platform caught your interest, we would love to get in touch with you. So schedule call with our team and let us find out how we can potentially work together.

Schedule your event and get promoting

The last step is to book your package and set up your event. In our platform, you have the choice to either set it up yourself or have us set it up for you. Once that is done, it is time to send out the invitation and get ready for a great event.

If you are looking for a Virtual Event Platform, we offer both 2D and 3D versions, so feel free to check out our products and see if that is something for you.

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