How social media bridges the gap between recruiters and companies

The fact of the matter is that now the largest generation in our country is unoccupied, and to attain these potential employees, you have to search for them where they are: online. This is especially crucial for manufacturers who are desperately trying to search for those employees who are skilled, talented, and also have soft skills. Sure utilizing job listing sites is great, out but still, it’s just not sufficient. 59% of employees today say that a company’s social media dignity has an indirect impact on their decision

whether to accept the offer letter and offer their skills and services to them or not. Use of an online service that tracks your online rendezvous. Also notifies you of conversations that mention your brand or use keywords you have set up. That way you can respond promptly. Now let’s have a peek at how social media bridges the gap between recruiter and company. Growth exposure to Hiring Managers and Recruiters.

93% of recruiters use LinkedIn and other recruiting sites to research and recruit candidates for their companies. LinkedIn allows you to have an online personal brand that makes you visible to all the professionals and recruiters out there. This means when your name comes into a search engine such as Google, you have an online personal brand and you are appearing in search results, this increases your chances of getting hired. This is the reason why you need to make sure you treat your profile in a similar way to your CV and you have to ensure what is on the profile is selling you in the best way possible.


Demonstrate your knowledge, credibility, leadership expertise, education, background, hard skills, and soft skills. Having a professional profile helps build trust with employers and recruiters as they can see your recommendations and connections and evidence of where you have added value. Your experience, skills, expertise, education background. Pursuing courses and degrees. These things are essential for the recruiter to have a glance at it. Nowadays recruiters are searching for freelancers through online modes. A strong portfolio will increase your chances to get hired!


Use research tool

Having a job recruiting account also means that you can use the site to research companies, interviewers, recruiters, and hiring managers. This is quite helpful, before submitting applications. Also getting the idea about researching and who’s interviewing you, and conducting interview research.


Some job recruiting sites has a great job board

New opportunities exist throughout the job recruiting sites you just need to leverage those opportunities. As this may not exist on traditional job boards. You can directly apply for roles using LinkedIn,, the ladder, and a lot more to apply to save job searches, as well as a flag to recruiters that you are open to hearing about opportunities in the future.


You can gain social proof for your skills and talents


Let others recommend and endorse you for your professional skills and past works. This is known as branding when your past clients are pacified with your skills and services. They recommend or endorse you, anyone who sees your profile can see these and it shows you have other experts backing up your claims to have certain skills. This is very powerful in making connections. You can build your credibility through the endorsements and testimonials that LinkedIn and other recruiting sites allows your contacts to leave on your profile.


Follow Companies

You can use recruiting sites to target those specific people within your network. Who is working for those organizations that you want to work for? So it’s a great way to be hired and build trust among your clients.


Join LinkedIn Groups

Groups are a brilliant way to meet people with similar professional interests and expand your network from other graduates to professionals already working in your industry. And the best part is you get newsletters even, to seek future opportunities. Groups allow you to take part in discussions, host several important webinars, provide ebooks for brushing up your skills, and a lot more. This is a great way to exhibit your knowledge on topics related to your industry. You can ask questions, and start conversations with key people in organizations.

Job seeking is a tough business and applying for online jobs every day is a job in itself! But with perseverance, skills, and knowledge you can get several clients.

From a job seeker’s perspective, LinkedIn is an another tool that you can use to help get ahead when searching for a new job. It is important to optimize your profile and proactively use it. LinkedIn and other job recruiting sites just make sure you are sourcing opportunities effectively. Utilize LinkedIn groups and follow company pages to gain access to group member profiles, find new connections, discover industry news, and share your expertise within discussions.




  1. What questions a job-seeker might ask at a job interview?

For this one could ask for, just to describe

✓A typical day for someone in this position?

✓What is the top priority of the person who accepts this job?

✓What are the day-to-day expectations and responsibilities of an employee?

✓How will my leadership responsibilities and performance be measured, by whom, and also How often?

✓Can you describe the company’s (or division’s or department’s) management styles?

✓Can you discuss your take on the company’s corporate culture?

✓How would you describe the company’s values?

✓How would you characterize the management philosophy of this organization? Of your department?

✓Does the organization support ongoing training and education for employees to stay current in their fields?


On a concluding note, I’d like to say, searching for a job is not that hard. Provided you have skills, knowledge about your field, and ready to go that extra mile to pacify your clients. When you can pacify your clients with the exact services they expected. Then definitely you’ll get the projects. With the coming projects, one will gain experience and proof of one’s Skill Sets. Also utilizing all the resources like social media. Job recruiting sites, freelancing sites, etc to reach out to the clients.

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