Engaging Ideas You Can Steal From Social Media

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Engaging Ideas You Can Steal From Social Media

Interactive content is a great way to increase engagement and change up your posting process. Interactive content engages your audience, increases click-throughs, and offers more opportunities to educate your network.

Interactive content is any content that a user can click-through, answer or play with. Although these content pieces require more work (and sometimes more money), users tend to spend more time on them and receive more value. These content pieces will get your audience engaged and can be used to get to know you better. Here are seven types interactive content that will get you thinking.


  1. Quizzes/Polls

Interactive content can be created inexpensively using polls and quizzes. Consider this: How many times have we stopped to discover what type of pizza we are eating? Quizzes are fun and can help you offer your product or services. These can be used to get inside the heads of your audience and create twice the content (once for each post and again when you publish the results).

Another advantage of quizzes and polls is that they can let your audience know that there are two sides to the story and that you care about them. Asking fans to caption photos is another fun way to interact.

Each platform, including Instagram Stories, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, and Facebook Pages, has built-in polls. Each allows you to add multiple answer options (Facebook polls let you upload photos and GIFs), as well as control over the length of the poll.

After someone votes, they will be able see the poll results. You can create a poll on Instagram Stories using the Poll Sticker. It will last 24 hours. If your network doesn’t offer a tool for polling, you can still write your options in the caption and ask your audience to comment on the letter. It is also possible to run polls from landing pages.

2. Contest/Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes and contests of the past are great examples of interactive content and can help you generate more engagement. You can’t ask for comments, like, or shares to win on Facebook. However, you can run a sweepstakes by asking for a follow, tagging a friend or asking your audience to answer questions in the comments. Be sure to brand your prize and remember that simplicity is acceptable.

3. Multiple Choice Posts

Multi-choice posts are fun, especially if you have multiple images. Each image can offer a different choice for your audience – this is a great way to get their input on what flavor or product to make. Because you are essentially providing them with the product they choose, it will engage them and get their opinions. This will help you make more sales.

4. Interactive infographics, Whitepapers, and eBooks

Although these pieces may be more expensive to make, they can be fun for your audience to interact. Interactive infographics can also include click-throughs to other landing page, quizzes, additional content, hover pop-ups, and more. They can be an excellent tool to educate your audience about your industry or product.

An infographic or e-book can contain a lot of information. It may include calls to actions or fun pop-up facts. You can promote them on your social media channels by pulling snippets or creating new snackable content using the data from the infographic. Then, use a call-to-action to drive traffic to full posts.

5. Workbooks and Assessments

Workbooks, which are an extension of the bullet above, can be a great way for you to add value to your audience. Interactive elements can be added to your workbook. You can also include an assessment process or create a standalone assessment that is based on your product. You’ll be able offer the person a solution using the outcome of the assessment (your service or product).


6. Calculators

Use your calculator to show your audience how much money you can save. Any information that is quantifiable can be used to calculate. This can help you communicate your message to your audience using numbers.

7. Interactive Videos

Interactive videos are another way to incorporate interactive content. They use the medium with the highest reach and engagement. Interactive videos can contain click-throughs that take viewers to landing pages, quizzes or other sections depending on their choices. YouTube has simple interaction cards which can be used to encourage your viewers to subscribe to your channel, watch related videos or playlists. There are many great tools to help you create these types video.



These are just a few of the many ways you can use interactive content for engagement. And as we all know engagement is increasingly important in order to secure social media reach. These tips should inspire you to think about ways you can include similar content into your own process.


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