Corporate Social Responsibility

AVIANET is fully engaged to act in a socially responsible manner and to follow the green industry standards of a global technology provider in the 21st century. Not only we actively apply social responsibility in our own organization, but we also help our customers improving their IT Infrastructure performances by successfully managing economic, social and ecological chances and risks.


As an IT-provider for leading business industries, we help you cope with environmental challenges by developing a responsible yet effective IT infrastructure. In order to accomplish best practices that reduce power consumptions and save costs we recommend:

  • Implementation of virtualization technologies for servers and desktops,
  • Procurement of hardware that is low in power consumption "Energy Star",
  • Hosted applications and services to leverage data center infrastructure,
  • Technology updates to retire older hardware.

Being fully committed to protect the environment ourselves, AVIANET is playing an active role in CSR:

  • Headquartered in a green building,
  • Energy saving computer equipment,
  • Recycling and environmental conscious disposal of IT equipment.
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