7 Gigantic Influences Of Content Marketing.

Why? It has been shown that content marketing is a powerful tool for achieving success. Content marketing is an essential growth strategy for many businesses as it’s one of the most efficient methods to grow audience engagement, build your brand presence and drive sales.

Let’s take a look at content marketing: the benefits of consistently producing high-quality content and how to measure success. According to the State of Inbound report content creation is a top priorities for 80% of marketers. Content marketing also accounts for 26% of all B2B marketing budgets.

More than any other method, consistent, high-quality and engaging content has a greater impact on audience decision-making.

Your business’ success and growth will depend on your brand messaging. Large brands are able to consistently portray their brand at all touchpoints.

This principle applies to content marketing: your content must be unique across all channels and have a distinct voice and style. Consistency in content builds credibility, trust, and strengthens reputation.

We know that the content you create must be consistent. But why is content marketing so important? These are the top benefits to content marketing.

The benefits of content marketing

  1. Your audience will stay longer.

Content is an asset. It can create positive experiences for potential customers and encourage them to return for more. It is your ticket to capturing the attention of your target audience and reinforcing your positive brand impression.


  1. Social media will give you more traction.

It’s one thing for you to grow your social media following across all channels. But it’s another to create trending content. You don’t want your business to be a small, unpopular one. Your business can gain traction via social media with quality content.


  1. You will be trusted by your audience.

Content creation helps you build relationships with your customers. Customers can ask questions and you can interact with them. Your audience will trust you more if you provide value and don’t ask for anything in return.

Your brand’s reputation will improve if your content is delivered at the right time and place with the right audience. Customers will associate your company with quality content more often.


  1. You will generate more leads and be better.

Lead generation can be achieved through content marketing. Your audience will be more likely to view your content and make a purchase in the future. Calls-to-action (CTAs) in your content can help you generate leads for your sales team.


  1. Original content can increase conversions.

Conversions are affected by the content you publish. This content helps you connect with your audience and provides the information they need to make educated purchasing decisions.

You should also consider original graphics over stock photos if you use blog content to drive traffic. Marketers report that the former are less effective at helping them achieve their goals.

Your content should also include a CTA that guides your reader to what to do next.


6. SEO will make your business more visible.

Your SEO efforts will be more successful if you create consistent and high-quality content. Your content should, for example, help you business be visible online and build trust with your audience. Your content strategy should include a pillar/cluster model that will help you rank higher on search engines.


  1. A great content strategy can make your company an industry authority.

Your authority online will be built by creating quality content. Search engines will rank you higher if your business is trusted as an authoritative source of information.

Your customers will trust you more if you are an industry expert. Your content should reflect your industry expertise and offer valuable answers to your audience’s queries.


What About content scoring?

Content scoring refers to the process of assessing the potential of content and quantifying it by tracking the performance of individual pieces in generating leads and converting them. Content scoring is a new content marketing tool that helps marketers priorities assets with a greater chance of generating or converting leads.

Content scoring provides a scientific way to assess the writing and is also a reliable and predictive method to evaluate the engagement potential of each piece of content before it is published. Quality content is key to your marketing campaigns’ success.

Your audience will determine the quality of your content. You can create content that resonates more if you have a better understanding about your customers. However, improving content is a slow process. You need to continuously analyze the responses of your audience to identify and improve the most important elements.


How you can score your content?

Content creators and writers often struggle to determine what content works best for them and their audiences. Scoring your content allows you to objectively measure the process and to use the same recipe repeatedly to create similar content.

Here are some ways to score your content.

  • Establish scoring criteria. You need to determine the engagement metric that has the greatest impact on your content in order to create a content scoring system. Some people may consider page views to be important, while others might consider sharing content on social media.
  • Create a campaign. After you have determined which metric is most important to you, create a campaign. Add the content that exceeds your threshold. If you decide that 1,000 pageviews is high-performing, then include all content assets that match that criteria.
  • Monitor content performance. You can measure how each piece of content is performing. Add content assets that meet your success metric (e.g. 1,000 page views) to the campaign. To build a small number of high-performing content, keep adding content.
  • Find out what works. Once you have separated the high-performing content, it is possible to analyze what makes your content work. It’s not easy to quantify but you can identify patterns in your content that you can replicate.
  • Rinse and Repeat. These patterns change all the time, but this manual process is a good way to score your content.

Although it can be tedious and only scratches the surface of a content scoring system, it is a necessary and thorough process. An automated tool such as Atomic AI can help you score your content more precisely and efficiently.

Your brand can set a standard for itself by using content scoring. This will help you understand customer buying cycles and expectations. Once you have identified the content types that work best for each customer segment, it is easy to replicate your success.


Create consistent content

A content strategy is the most important thing you can do for your marketing team. Do an audit of your content to determine what is working for you.

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